Sitt & Bradley. Since it’s a really bad name for a band, it’s a good thing we’re actually a Creative Freelance Team for hire. If you need a team, we’re now also available as a tandem. So to mark the occasion, a memoir of how I (finally) met my creative partner, Sam Sitt. If you wanna just cut to the chase and hire us short or long-term, email us at


I’ll never forget the first time I really talked to Sam Sitt. I was afraid to talk to him. When I was coming up in advertising, we were all in awe of him. He was already winning awards. He was cool. And he had that cool name. Some names are just cooler than others, like the baseball player ‘Coco Crisp’ or ‘Elvis Presley’ or ‘Juicy J’. And ‘Sam Pop Sitt’, his full name in the award show credits, was one of them.

Anyhow, one night a few years into my career I was at a house party thrown by someone in advertising. It was a gorgeous house. Forest Hill area. A huge pool in the backyard, with a Jacuzzi hot tub attached. Attached. You didn’t even have to get out of the pool to get in it – you just waded over and pulled yourself into the hot bubbly. We’re talking classy. And the real party was going on in the pool.

But I didn’t bring a swim suit. Who plans to swim at a house party? So the hostess said, just go in your underwear, who cares? I’m a boxers man so they were practically like swim trunks anyhow, so I did.

Cut to a little while later, I get out of the Jacuzzi and feeling the effects of a few party favours, I go over to talk to Sam Pop Sitt. He’s just a dude, right? He still pees standing up in an alley while stumbling home just like the rest of us, right? So we’re having a great talk. And I wonder why I was so intimidated by him all those years. And then he said something that solidified our friendship forever.

He said “Put some clothes on, man.”

It turns out my boxer shorts were white and while wet they were totally see through.

So yes, Award-Winning Art Director and long-time freelancer Sam Sitt and I are now also available as a freelance creative team. Our experience together goes beyond that pool incident and includes a six month stint as a freelance team at Zulu Alpha Kilo. Individually, we each have over 15 years experience on some of Canada’s top brands while at Toronto’s leading Advertising Agencies.


Here’s a link to some of Sam’s award-winning body of work …
Sam Sitt, Creative Director/Art Director