The Volkswagen Tiguan is truly a great vehicle. But it needed a bit of a relaunch in the spring of 2010. Sales were decent but not enough people knew about it. During my freelance stint at the newly opened Red Urban, I worked with Christina Yu on a new positioning for the 4×4 crossover. It’s fun to drive with a great engine, but it’s also made for people with families. Kind of inbetween worlds for people who aren’t ready to say they’re “grown up”. This led to our positioning and line…

Volkswagen Tiguan. Responsibly Wild.

Print was done and I think somewhere on the site (I’ll find a link eventually!). But the other challenge we had was that we needed a TV spot and we didn’t have the budget to produce one yet. Tough to shoot cars in January in Canada. So we looked at footage from around the world and put together the following spot.

AGENCY: Red Urban Toronto
ECD/AD: Christina Yu
CW: Andrew Bradley
EDITOR: Dave De Carlo, Posterboy
MUSIC: Eggplant

Completed February 2010