I have the dubious and anonymous distinction of being the final copywriter on the Alexander Keith’s campaign featuring the crazed, Scottish, Keith’s-loving patron played by actor Robert Smith.

The background? During the summer of 2003, while on my way to a travel agent to get out of town for awhile, I ran into Dan Pawych the CD of Downtown Partners. He asked me to give him “a week of freelance”. Well, that turned into about six months. During my time there, we produced these spots for the character — not knowing it was his swan song. Before the infamous event involving Robert Smith — which I won’t get into but you can Google — resulted in the campaign being pulled, at least one of them, ‘Scurvy’ I think, went to air.

“Neck Pain” :30

“Scurvy” :30

“Squabble” :30

COPYWRITER: Me ART DIRECTOR: Craig Markou CD: Dan Pawych
Credit to Pete Breton and Dave Douglass for creating the original campaign.

Produced 2004