February 7, 2018

Recently, I’ve realized that I don’t have a lot of ‘finished’ work to show for the last few years of working as a Freelance Copywriter in Canadian Advertising. Frequently, a freelancers work never goes forward or it’s taken over by another team or it’s for a new business pitch and the end work doesn’t even resemble what we did.

So instead, here are a few quotes from some agencies that I’ve worked at over the last few years.

“Always returned the men’s bathroom key when he was done with it” – Giants & Gentlemen

“Showed up at some point usually during business hours and opened his computer like he was writing stuff. Could’ve just been on internet, but looked like he was writing stuff.” – FCB Toronto

“Ah, yes. We know Andrew Bradley” – BBDO Toronto

“Great posture” – Philippe Garneau

* all fabricated and actual reviews may differ but feel free to contact any of the above people and ask about my effectiveness or attempts at