Oct 2018 17

An ongoing journal of a writer attempting 31 days with alcohol. #SoberOctober

I’ve decided I’m going to stop writing about this for awhile. After this post.

For the 3 readers I get here regularly (Hello 3 readers!), yes, I am still alcohol-free. I admit I did open the Jameson bottle the other night just to take a long whiff. And then, as planned, put the cap back on and kept making toast or whatever I was doing in the kitchen.

I guess I’m going to stop writing about it cause first of all, it just makes me think about drinking. But more than that, I was reminded by some women I know that “A month without alcohol is to laugh, Andrew – try 9 months, motherfucker. And your hormones are all over the place and you’re losing your body.” So, point taken. A month? Big fucking deal.

When I make it two more weeks, I’ll follow-up about how I feel, but before I quit this alcohol topic, here’s what I’ve learned so far…

1_ Drunk People Smell. Yes, I am usually one of them. However, I am amazed at the vaporous wall of booze smell that hits me when I talk to people in the bar. I was on the subway the other night and could practically see the fumes coming off of one rider.

2_ Drunk People are Loud. Am I that loud when I drink? I said AM I THAT LOUD WHEN I DRINK?

3_ I am not funny. Apparently, the people that found me quite hilarious when I’ve had a few now don’t get my so-called ‘jokes’ at all. Even after they ask me to repeat what I just said.

4_ I’m not old. Getting up in the morning is a lot faster these days than mornings after I’d had even just a couple of drinks the night before. My brain and body are ready to go like a newer older model car instead of an older older model car.

5_ The week has more than 7 days all of a sudden. Those couple of nights I was losing to booze, and the mornings where I was slower to get going are now time blocks that I have back to be productive and I have to fill them with other activities. It’s like finding hours in the day. Even the time I’m spending in bars with friends are more ‘productive’ hours. I’m writing more, reading more (this one could be cause it’s a bit cold to bike lately and I’m on the TTC) and my bass playing seems better lately – quicker to learn things.

6_ Drinking is everywhere. Every commercial break. Billboards everywhere. Pictures of people on FB and Instagram. This is a drinking culture. Maybe I’m just noticing it. Recovering alcoholics must have a tough time at first since it’s so pervasive in our culture.

7_ Drinking water makes you pee. A lot.

8_ Every non-alcoholic beer tastes shitty.

9_ Candy is delicious. I seem to have replaced booze with shots of chocolate, tootsie pops, jelly bellys, and anything I can get my hands on.

10_ So far it hasn’t been that tough.

11_ It will get tougher. I seem to really like drinking.



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