Oct 2018 22


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I’m for pineapple on pizza.
I’m for transgender rights.
I’m against carding.
I believe immigrants should pass a basic English or French literacy test as part of their citizenship.
I’m against a separate school board.
I’m for 2-ply bathroom tissue.
I think Vegandale is stupid.
I’m for more bike lanes.
I think cyclists that wear headphones should be fined. And lights should be mandatory.
I believe highways into Toronto should be tolled.
I’m anti-gluten.
I’m pro-basic income.
I think single-use bottled water should be outlawed.
I believe the Toronto Recycling System is fucking antiquated for not being able to recycle black plastic because the scanners can’t distinguish it from the sorting belt (look it up).
I’m for the King Street Pilot Project – expanding.
I’m for safe injection sites.
I think hockey is dumb.
I think aspartame, sunscreen, and fluoride are all a conspiracy.
Moon landings? Faked.
I think a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body. As everyone does.
I’m pro-graffiti.
I’m for bringing back at least the 5 cent charge for plastic bags in this city. Fuck, make it a dollar.
I’m for off-leash dog parks. Let the cats in, too.
I think all bathrooms in restaurants, cafes, and stores in Toronto should be public regardless of purchase.
I’m for tearing down the Gardiner.
I’m against Rail Deck Park.
I believe the G20 protests were the beginning of our current Police-state and we didn’t raise enough of a fuckin’ ruckus.
I think the entire subway relief line should start construction now.
I think the interior of the new streetcars are the worst allocation of space since I watched my dad play Tetris.
I think Bombardier should be sued.
I think SmartTrack was a big fat white-privileged lie.
I believe the ‘UP’ Pearson-to-Union train should be turned over to the TTC.
I’m for the Police marching at Pride – but not in uniform or on the clock.
I think Pride should be a national holiday.
Chunky Peanut Butter, not smooth.
I’m for rent control and affordable housing.
I think the comments on the Toronto Sun website are the single biggest case for abortion.
I think Bitondo’s on Clinton St. makes the best pizza slice in the city.
I believe in ‘Cold Tea’.
I think there should be city-wide free wifi.
I’m anti-Tim Horton’s.
I think Kensington Market should be designated a heritage site.
I don’t think we should protect our dairy industry.
I think the Danforth shooter was a religious hate-crime being covered up.
I think the Shuffle Demons’ ‘Spadina Bus’ is the best song about Toronto, ever.
I think this city hasn’t been the same since ‘Speaker’s Corner’ shut down.
I think people making over $200,000 or own property totalling over $1 million should be taxed way more.
I think John Tory is in Doug Ford’s pocket.

I – am anti-aquarium, pro-nude beach, believe Ontario Place should be a Red-Light District, think no one should ever make another version of ‘Hallelujah’ cause Jeff Buckley did it best, pro-25 member city-council (with 2-tiers), think they’re holding back a cure for cancer, believe the ‘hollow earth’ theory has some merit, maintain with fervour that Georgina at ‘Caribbean Queen of Patties’ makes the best damn patty in the city, and think that licensed Cab Drivers are getting a raw fucking deal in this town.

Vote today.

Come and stop me.