Oct 2017 14

Was going to talk about this on Twitter, but taking a hiatus from that platform due to Rose McGowan being silenced – meanwhile that person in Washington is allowed to spew hate, threats, and lies on the platform.

A brief un-crafted brain dump about my afternoon in Parkdale.

Took an afternoon off work and walked my neighbourhood. It’s different walking Parkdale on a weekday afternoon than on a Saturday or Sunday. A lot less people, obviously, but also a different lens on what things are really like day to day.

First stop, a beard trim at Rod and Gun Barbers. Had a great talk with Chris while he made me look pretty, and we chatted about the Queen West Moratorium and some of the businesses in the neighbourhood. Tibet Kitchen has operated for 13 years in Parkdale and their lease amount doubled due to the landlord getting an offer from a big chain. They found a new location on the same block, but due to the Queen West liquor license moratorium, they are being refused a license. Wha. Gord Perks, shame on you. As an aside, I think Chris at Rod and Gun would make an excellent city councillor for our area the next election…

My next stop was L’il Demon Guitars. I’ve wanted to go in for awhile, but now that I’ve been playing the bass for a year (mixed results, but tons of fun for an hour or two a few times a week) – I figured I have a reason rather than just being a tire-kicker. Had a great chat with Johnny, the Manager, about great basses, what they do at L’il Demon and a life in music. Love that place. And he’s cool in the way that all of us kids who had to play the violin always wanted to be cool later.

Third stop – was the Calyx Wellness Clinic. Had a chat with Nicole about CBD extracted from Hemp vs. Cannabis (which I currently take). CBD, by the way, is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant (sure I may not be getting the science of this right, but look it up). THC is what gets you ‘high’ and you make notes while on it that you think are great ideas for a book or a movie and then you wake up the next day, read them, and go ‘fuck, that’s awful’. CBD is legal. You can drive on it. It doesn’t make you ‘high’, and people take it for all kinds of ailments and general health. I take CBD for social anxiety. I’m not sure it ‘works’, but I do feel more chilled out in 2017 while taking some every day. So, I’m gonna keep at it. Anyhow, Calyx Wellness extracts theirs from Hemp. They even have a mix for pets. So, Henry, as he nears 11 years old, is about to go on CBD. Hey, if it’s good enough for his owner, he can be on it too.

Fourth stop – The Skyline Diner for a cocktail. A great space with red vinyl booths that changed ownership last year but the decor and general menu ‘feeling’ was retained. Had a great chat with Kevin who works there, who was hanging out after shift and sporting a ‘Parkdale Life’ hat that I was insanely jealous of him owning.

Fifth stop – It was now late evening. Made it to the first hour of opening of The Mezz. The new ‘Mezzrow’s’ (a Parkdale watering hole years that closed a couple months back). Renovated space. New floor, and the fish tank is gone. Happily, the men’s bathroom stall door still has no latch just like it was before – so don’t take a dump. Love that they didn’t fix this.

Anyhow, a meandering post for sure.

But I love my neighbourhood. Like, love it love it love it. Parkdale isn’t for everyone.

And thank god. Cause that’s what makes it the best.


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