Aug 2017 10

I called one of my late mom’s best friends last night, just to catch up and see how she was doing. Her own husband had passed away recently and the last time I saw her was at his service. Talking to her was like watching a cliche TV commercial for how vibrant living in a seniors home can be – she is staying super active and social. I’m now amazed she was even in her apartment based on the social calendar she is keeping. She’s even going on a bus tour out to Halifax next week. Her story isn’t over, and it was very inspiring.

We reminisced a bit and talked about what it’s like to get older, for both of us at our ages. Although I am feeling I’m in a very good space in my life right now, I shared that working is hard, and paying off mortgages isn’t fun, and talking about how ‘When (insert whatever scenario) happens, things will be better’ and she had this to offer… I’ll remember it as best as I can but she basically said:

“Recently, I’ve realized – when you’re going through those years of working hard to make money, and getting ahead in your career, and raising children, and you’re busy all the time, you think ‘Wow, when are things going to get better?’. But now that I’m this age, and looking back, those ARE the good years. You just don’t know it when you’re in it. Being young, your friends still alive, being part of the rhythm of life. It turns out it was a lot of fun. It doesn’t actually get any better than that.”

I took a lot away from that. Like, when you’re on your way somewhere, it’s important to enjoy the journey. It’s about more than arriving. In a way, as my mom’s friend demonstrated, we never arrive. Life is a constant journey.

So get out there and truly enjoy the struggle of life, everyone. Keep moving towards something. Whatever it is.

And call an old person you know. They’d love to hear from you. Not all of them are lucky enough to have a full social calendar, or possess such a positive attitude. But also, they have a lot to offer.

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