On May 11th, 2020, a friend nominated me for the Facebook Album Challenge. Do you know it? I pray you don’t and avoided it like I did for a long time. However, during the COVID-19 lockdown I was looking for something to hold me accountable to a bit of writing every day. So I did it.

The rules were to post an album that has affected my life. One each day. For 10 days. Without any explanation.

I ignored the last part. Because I’m a writer.

Some are brief. Some meander, as I do, and take tangents. But all are true.

Here are links to all ten.


Day 1: Julio Iglesias, ‘Momentos’

Day 2: Poor Boys, ‘Ain’t Nothing In Our Pockets But Love’

Day 3: The Strokes, ‘This is It’

Day 4: ‘More Official Adventures of Batman & Robin’

Day 5: Herb Alpert, various

Day 5b: (end of Side A)

Day 6: The Black Keys, ‘Let’s Rock’

Day 7: The Verve, ‘Urban Hymns’

Day 8: ‘La Terremoto 4 de Febrero, 1976’

Day 9: The Ponys, ‘Laced with Romance’

Day 10: The Mystery Record

Liner Notes