Ronin. Japanese Samurai without a master. Blades for hire.

Need a radio platform or stand-alone :30 spot but have no idea where to begin? Have no experience with ad agencies and don’t want to hire one, or pay for services you don’t really need long-term? Between ad agencies and just need bridge creative?

RoninRadio is for you.
A division of Fuji Tamale, RoninRadio is a freelance group specializing in radio production. We can take your brand from strategy to concept to full production to go to air.

Your Ronin Radio samurai consist of a Copywriter, Producer, and Sound Engineer. All with proven business-growing, and award-winning experience.

It’s one-stop radio shopping.

We’ll start with the Strategy and Copywriting of Andrew Bradley and then take the approved concept forward to production with the talents of people like Producer Kristina Loschiavo (formerly of RMW Music) and Sound Engineer Vlad Nikolic (freelance – RMW Music, Grayson Matthews, TA2, Pirate).

Working with you, we’ll choose a recording studio, cast talent (ACTRA or Non-Union), and then actually make the radio spots in studio on a recording day. Good Samurai fun without anyone committing Seppaku. That’s suicide, by the way.

Experience. In addition to 20 years as an award-winning advertising Copywriter, Andrew Bradley directed radio spots at RMW Music for three years for some of Canada’s top agencies and clients. Other Ronin members have been specializing in their crafts for years. We’ve even all worked together at various audio companies.

Cost. It’s less expensive than hiring an Ad Agency and then separate Audio Production house. We have no ‘location’ so you don’t pay for our lease. And because we’re all freelancers, you’re not paying for any of our Ronin during stages they’re not needed (the Audio Engineer only comes in when we’re at the production stage).

Speed. There’s no middle person of an ad agency in the way. We’re the ad agency too. So your project won’t get lost in a shuffle of giant Multi-National Multimedia projects. You’re our focus.

We even have associations with media companies like the venerable Wills & Co. who can help you formulate a Media Plan to run your spots anywhere in Canada.

RoninRadio. For hire. Experienced. Honourable. Cutting thru the clutter with our sharpened audio blades.

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– October, 2016