FujiTamale is the Freelance Creative company of Andrew Bradley, based in Toronto.
This website is an online portfolio and catalog of the ongoing creative efforts of the company.

Here you’ll find samples of my professional work as Copywriter, Creative Director, and Audio Director – both at RMW Music and the new Ronin Radio here at FujiTamale.  You’ll also find posts, both writing and social media, about advertising and life in general. I do like to yammer on.

And finally, you might also find posts from a (now in semi-retirement) series of posts called Fuji Tamale News — The news. But complete and utter malarky to the point that got me into trouble with Don Cherry and the Canadian Press a few years ago.

Thanks for stopping in. It’s always evolving, but one thing will always be true…

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing creatively.”

Andrew Bradley
President, Creative Director and Eye Candy of FujiTamale Inc

Updated: October, 2016