Jul 2020 20

One Autumn, many years ago, a Creative Resource Manager at an ad agency told me:

“Andrew, there were many times in the summer we were going to call you about a project. But then we remembered you take the summer off.”

This reputation was never planned on my part. I just somehow got it. I suppose I like to escape now and then. And remember what’s important. Stop and smell the summer dumpsters.

That being said, I’m on a break from my own website page for a bit.

Available for Advertising Contracts should you wish to talk about a project. I’m still all for making a living doing the heavy lifting of Capitalism when all the stars align, and am working on small projects for select clients. So please reach out.

Also contemplating a brand refresh on this website.

See you all soon. Don’t lick any doorknobs. Mask up. Get some rays.