Jun 2020 21


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Greetings warrior. You savage and relentless wall between all that is good and right in this world!

You know who you are. You did the Ice Bucket Challenge to stop ALS. You stopped using straws for awhile. You changed your social media to a black square for 48 hours – 24 hours longer than you were supposed to! – in a stand against anti-black racism.

And now, you have turned your sights on…

$2 more an hour.

Yes, your new crusade is making sure that workers in grocery stores get to keep their $2 more an hour raise that was temporary during the pandemic but has now been rescinded.

You’ve said it out loud – let them keep their raise.

You’ve posted a link on your Facebook to petitions demanding Galen Weston, a million if not billion –aire, to reconsider. Plexi-glass isn’t enough, dangummit!

Wrong is wrong!

But let’s be honest, Warrior. You’re just like me.

I don’t want to give up my PC Points. And I like to Haul Hard at No Frills. Look, I like my pack of 36 corn tortillas costing only $2.67.

I admit it.

So I can’t sign your petition, warrior friend. I am many flawed things – including a writer who lubes the inner word workings for Capitalism – but I try not to be a hypocrite.

If I won’t actually change my behaviour, what good is my signature?

And the ones at the top who have pulled back the $2 an hour know this to be true.

To alter a phrase I like to use – A principle isn’t a principle until it costs you PC Points.

Changing the world will take more than signatures.

It means we’ll all have to walk two extra blocks for groceries.  Are you in?