Jun 2020 05

Once again, in an effort for transparency and uniformity of message, I am reposting something from one of my other platforms. This is an open letter that I pecked out today on LinkedIn to my Toronto Freelance Creative Community. 


Hello again, freelance ad peoples.

After the modest attention my post from last week gathered, I’ve had stage fright about what to say. If anything.
Drivel is so dangerous right now, isn’t it?

However, comforting to know I’m not alone. The feeling resonates.

Strange, fascinating, and scary times we are living in. Who else is a fan of fetal position some days?

Keeping LinkedIn to business, been thinking about my choices as someone who makes their living using word-putting-togethering skills on a ‘for-hire’ basis.

Some choices are obvious. Like, if I get asked to write ads for ‘The White is Right Bank’ or a social media campaign for ‘The Police State and You – BFFs!’, I know what to do.

But not that easy, is it?

Sometimes it’s tough to know the true social values of a company. And what can my conscience afford in the grey areas?

Mortgages. Rent. Food. Healthcare. Clothing. Children. Pets. All this stuff takes money. How can we take care of ourselves, and the greater good?

Especially when most of us are just hoping for work right now.

But can we help create a better system?

Just thinking. Like last week, acknowledge I’m lucky enough to have the time and CERB to reflect.

Ideas can change the world. Don’t forget, we’re all damn good at having them.

Thanks again.