Jun 2020 04

Posted this on Facebook this morning. And in the interest of transparency, posting it here. I am sincerely curious and post this as an open letter.

As a half-Japanese and half-Belizean Canadian with a very WASP name who has benefited from a lot of white privilege, I weigh into this discussion wanting to learn.

I am wondering if a lot of people (myself included) are missing the discussion around the Police and their unfair treatment of people of colour. Not just in America. But here, too.

Certainly increased / fair opportunity for everyone is a discussion to have. But we have had that discussion for a long time, and yes, we must continue those efforts (I am thinking of our treatment of our own Indigenous population for example). My first partner in advertising joked we only got our jobs “Because of Equity 2000, Andrew”.

But are there other questions to ask here …?

Like – How do we end the unfair treatment of people of colour by Law Enforcement? And is there a possibly increased militarization of the Police happening that we are paying for (read some stat that said 25% of our Toronto tax money goes towards LE)? And is it necessary? Do the Police care what job you have, what income you have, or what postal code you live in when they approach you and process the colour of your skin?

These are not issues that should just concern the communities out demonstrating right now. These are things that affect us all.

‘FTP’ and ‘ACAB’ and ‘Defund the Police’ seem like a focused cry and even if you do not agree, should we look at the roots of their origins?

I am wondering if we are missing the discussion.