May 2020 22


ME: “What? WHAT?! Sorry, I can’t hear very well out of my right ear.”


2009 – in a small bar concert venue in Chicago

CHRISTINE: “We’re right next to the speaker. Sure you don’t want earplugs?”

ME: “No way! This is awesome!”


After yesterday’s long and emotional album challenge post, here’s a quick story about this band that should’ve ruled the goddamn world, their debut record, and how I lost some of my hearing seeing them – my fave dirty garage psychedelic rockers of all time, The Ponys – Live, in their hometown on a Halloween night, at The Empty Bottle, the bar they cut their teeth in.

It was a rollicking, riotous show. The stage, decked out like a wrestling ring. And the band emerged costumed-up for All Hallows Eve in wigs and grappling gear, ready to throw down.

Much like every band since has had to get into the ring and defeat The Ponys for the Champion Belt.

I happily stood at the very front of that stage, too close to that speaker stack all night, grinning ear-to-ear as the upper ranges of my hearing in one of them decided not to make the return flight to Toronto. They would stay there as tribute.

Eternally grateful to ex partner Christine for fulfilling that dream.

And please speak into my left ear.