Dec 2019 19


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“Carlos, you’ve known me for over 20 years,” I said as we looked at all the photos. “Have you ever seen even three photos of me smiling like that?”

“No, Andrew. I have not.”

This was last night. We were in a funeral parlour at the visitation for the daughter of a friend. Her funeral is today. She was only 25 years old.

There were about 500 photos of Sophia throughout the rooms, all in collages. And in every single one, no matter what age she is at, she is beaming and radiating positivity and light. As a toddler. As a teenager. As a woman just a few months ago and meeting Taylor Swift backstage. All her life she battled chronic health problems but you wouldn’t have known it.

Her smile in every photo telegraphed the same thing.

It said “Isn’t this amazing?! Isn’t it great to be alive.”

I only met her a few times, but I know it wasn’t just for the camera. She truly felt that.

“It’s so cliche, but it’s true I guess”, Carlos said to me. “You gotta enjoy every moment.”

Sophia. Her name in Greek – apparently, it means ‘wisdom’.

Go forth and Thursday, everyone. If you’re not doing something to get you closer to that thing you want to do, ask yourself – why aren’t you?