Jun 2019 12


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While the computer is in the shop, trying out some different writing composed on the confines of an iPhone screen.

“Mommy, there’s a bad man in the hallway”
Confronted by a six year old while he waits for the elevator.
She stares at him from 20 yards down the hall, frozen.
He does what any person standing in an apartment hallway and looking menacing wearing a large hat and sunglasses indoors at 8:20 am would do.
He makes finger guns, and draws them upon her.
Pow pow.
He blows on his barrels and holsters.
She is speechless. Shot alive much, kid?
Her sister, even younger, runs out of their apartment, unafraid, and holding out her stuffed dog to meet him.
Script change.
“Um, hi. What’s your dog’s name?”
“Pups” she says.
He gives ol Pups a deserved pat on the head.
“Good dog”
The elevator arrives.
The man, two girls, pups, and their mom get in the elevator.
Four eyes, also wearing sunglasses peer up at him in silence. Assessing.
“I like your sunglasses” he says.
The doors open and they part ways.
Perhaps to meet again in another hallway standoff in the future.
Is he a bad man?
He is not sure.
Suppose it depends on where you’re standing.