Jun 2019 01

For those of you wondering, a Bert update. He’s back at home. Deemed ‘too risky’ for an angioplasty right now – age, getting over pneumonia – he was sent home with a chemical cocktail to keep his blood as watery as a Tim Horton’s coffee and told to lay off the pork rinds. We’ll see what the future holds for him. But, his words ~ ‘I’ve had a good life. Let the chips fall where they may. I’d rather die on a walk along Bloor than in a bed.’Thanks to Toronto Western Hospital @uhn_research My first experience there. What a fantastic and knowledgeable staff, dealing well with reduced everything. Nothing but excellent care and friendly faces. Never seen him eat a pork rind, just for the official record. #rockon #Toronto #ontariohealthcare #nonagenarian
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