May 2019 17

Dropping in from a bit of an emotional sabbatical to rant. Argh. 

Oh my god.

Like, Alabama was such a progressive State before this, right?


Here comes my rant.

So as a man, no, I cannot fully understand the fear and anger that is sweeping through my social media timelines, and newsfeeds.

And I wonder what I can do to help.

For me, it’s this. Nothing. Yup. There’s nothing I can do about Alabama. Fuck Alabama.

I mean, I’ll say ‘Ya, that shit is fucked.’ as loudly, and anywhere…

But there’s nothing I can really do.

But you know what we can do as Canadians, regardless of gender?


Make sure the rights, freedoms, and access to services that we do have here in Canada are not reduced. And more than that, expanded. There’s some serious shit going on right here, everyone.

The war isn’t south of the border. It’s here. It’s an election year right here.

As Canadians – You can’t affect US policy. You can’t affect US policy. Say it again. Say it with me.

So Eyes North, everyone. Fuck Alabama.

Let’s set an example for the world right here.

Who is your current MP? Who is running this Fall? What is their view on the rights and freedoms in our country? Do they want to change them? Expand them? Who is running that has to be stopped?

Good baby Jesus fucking god, people. Get angry about the shit you can change, please.

Your own country needs you.

Rant over.

I’m fine now.