Mar 2019 06

In my post yesterday, I recalled the custodian at my school when I was a kid.

While visiting my father at the hospital this evening, I read some of my recent writing to him – never done that before, but the dude is bored and lying in bed 23 hours of the day – and shared that post.

Here’s the plot twist:

BERT: Mr. Van Staveren? I thought that’s who you were talking about. I remember him.

ME: How the fuck did you know him? You never walked me to school. (My dad worked the early shift at the printing factory until he retired. He started at 7 am, everyday.)

BERT: I used to go to this bar once in awhile long before you were born. I got to know him and his Dutch friends a bit. Boy, could they drink and talk. I watched the 1967 Leafs win the Stanley Cup with him.

ME: Say what?

BERT: Yes, he was a nice man. Total coincidence we moved to the area where he worked at the school you ended up in.


The universe is fucking with me. Toying. And enjoying it. I submit.