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Day 8

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Spending October, Sober.
A writer’s ongoing journal of 31 days without alcohol.

Thanksgiving. And a rundown of drinks I’m thankful for.


There’s nothing like seeing the shimmering magic of liquid amber cascading into a tumbler, rising to a level about three fingers thick. Bring it closer. Ah, yes. Breathe in its soulful essence. Peaty. Smoky. Mossy. Spicy. Aye, I think just leaving the bottle here in front of me on the bar IS a good idea. Thank you.


See the above. Except with an added dash of adventure, almost like honey when you inhale it a bit. Maybe it’s the American influence – Bourbon is the American version of Whisky, made from corn mash instead of barley – but there’s something more lawless about it, as my behaviour while conspiring with it can attest.

Vodka Soda, with an Orange Slice.

My trademark drink at the bar. I appropriated it from my friend, Carlos, whose choice of an orange slice was an inspired one. Not only do you always know which drink is yours (everyone else has a lime wedge), but since vodka is pretty much tasteless, it adds a nice refreshing citrus twist. Like an optimistic glass of sunshine.

Cask Ale.

I’ve never been much of a beer person. Maybe cause I have a small bladder – and perhaps my engorged liver has just exacerbated this problem. But if Cask Ale is on tap, sign me up for a few pints. This is beer as it used to be enjoyed – from a cask where it’s actually been ‘cooking’. No preservatives. Low carbonation since it’s not served through pressurized taps. You just twist the spigot or pump, and very ‘sessionable’ (as they say) beer keeps calm and carries on into your pint mug. Colonialism at its finest. Sure, I’ll grab a musket and head off for unknown lands, provided this is on my daily rations list. God Save the Queen, whatever you say, just keep em coming.

The cherry, almost candied, to finish off an Old Fashioned. A Manhattan kissed with a tart orange rind. A Belizean One Barrel Rum with a lingering caramel closing. The refreshing smack of even a Grapefruit Radler.


There’s a quote in a book I have, Taxi Driver Wisdom, “When there is something you want, it seems it is everywhere.”

And for a few days now, it appears that’s what I’ve been experiencing.

But Day 8 is in the books.




PHOTO CREDIT: Me, Sept 6, 2018. Nikon 50mm, f 1.4 – At ‘The Pilot’