Feb 2018 12

There’s a story going around this week that David Bowie, back in the 1970s, was told by a psychic that he would die around the age of 69 or 70. And Bowie believed them and planned out his life accordingly. And he did indeed die 2 days after his 69th birthday.

But I don’t believe in psychics.

I don’t believe that events are preordained, like when you play billiards and the strike of the cue ball sets events in motion that play out according to the laws of physics.

I have freewill, dammit.

And yet, I seem to be devouring anything I can lately on the theory of time travel and how its possibility relates to speed, time, space and spacetime. And how everything, everything you or I will ever do is not only maybe preordained, but has already happened.

I’ll spare you the science, because frankly I don’t think I could properly explain it cause I don’t get it. But many scientists believe that rather than time ‘travel’ being possible, everything is actually happening at once. Everything that has happened or will happen, and what we think of as ‘NOW’, all exists already. We are merely perceiving events happening in a linear way (forward, if you will) because of our ‘human’ brains. It’s how they process information for some reason. But some say there is no space. Or time. It all exists as ‘spacetime’, and there are ways for us to adjust how, and ‘when’, we perceive things.

Yes, sexy stuff. And I probably just lost 3 of the 7 of you who are reading this.

Some experiments in quantum physics seem to back up these theories, by the way. Look up entangled particle experiments and how the future can affect the past. Weird stuff.

So I say I don’t believe in psychics, but of course, I have stories. Stories I can’t explain.

One happened to my father, so can’t exactly be verified for authenticity – I mean, the man lied to me about Santa for years so it could be complete bullshit. Although my dad says he doesn’t believe in this stuff either. And the other happened to me.

First, the one involving my father.

He claims he was in Belize (where he was born, and it was still ‘British Honduras’, btw) back in the 1950s. He was in a barber shop. A woman was hanging out in the barber shop, regarding my future father, and said to him, “I would like to read your palm.” He said he wasn’t interested but then she said she didn’t want any money – she would do it for free, because he “looked interesting”.

So he let her.

She told him he would move far away, marry a woman of Asian decent and have 2 children.

Eight years later, my father moved to Canada. My mother is Japanese Canadian. I have a sister…

And then she smiled and also told him “there is something else, but I will let it be a surprise for you when you are an old man”.

I have my own theories on whether the above has happened. However, my dad is 89 and claims he’s still waiting. Personally, I think just being 89 is a surprise in itself, but whatever.

And here’s my story. Again, I can’t explain it.

I was in Paris. Around 2004. My first trip to Europe. I had gone alone for two weeks, starting in London. Then I hopped the chunnel train for Paris and later ended up in Amsterdam. Anyhow, I’m on the Paris leg, and in a little grocery store in the Latin Quarter where I was staying, and picking up a few things.

In this little grocery store, a black man around 70 years old is sitting in a chair by the exit. Just sitting and wearing dark sunglasses.

I wasn’t wearing any Canadian flag or any ‘brands’ or logos. I didn’t speak to anyone. I remember grabbing some beer and wine and maybe a few things like cheese and fruit – eating out all the time in Paris was expensive so I decided to start packing food for my day hikes.

I paid the clerk and was leaving.

“You are from Toronto,” the man said to me as I walked past him. In English.

I’m wondering if I know him. But I don’t.

“I am. How do you know that?”

And he said “Vince Carter is so good. I love Vince Carter.”

And that was it.

That was all he said.


But I don’t believe in psychics.