Jan 2018 01


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I hate 2018.

It isn’t like 2017. In 2017, you could be rude.

You could be dismissive.

You could refuse to give up your blue seat on the subway to an elderly person.

You could walk past a homeless person and not make eye contact.

You could judge someone by their gender, appearance, or sexual preference.

You could accept a straw in your drink.

You could turn to another TV station when the ‘these abused pets need your help’ commercial came on.

You could leave your lawn unraked, or put something in your garbage that you knew should go into your blue bin, or eat octopus without getting into a discussion about their intelligence.

You could read a news headline and not read the story, thinking someone else would solve the problem.

2017 had very low expectations, because the world was darker than ever everywhere it seemed. You didn’t have much to live up to because somewhere someone was always doing something worse probably.

But these damn ‘new’ years. They come with new expectations.

Go away, 2018. Your predecessor was way easier to please.