Dec 2017 01

Got a strange text from a friend just now, without context.

‘What’s good?’

So here’s what I think, randomly, off the top of my head:


Wild Turkey Bourbon.

Trinidadian Doubles.

Puppy kisses.

Christmas lights (yes, I’m a sucker for them).

Ella Fitzgerald.

Cinnamon sticks in drinks.

Reading kids’ Christmas ‘I want’ lists.

Macadamia Nut & White Chocolate cookies.

Childish Gambino.

Beets in a salad.

Fresh sheets.

The sound of your mom’s voice on the phone.

Bubbles in a bath.

The opening of ‘Gimme Shelter’ by the Stones.

Taking Monday off.

Looking at an ATM receipt left behind and seeing you have more money than them.

Actually having change to give someone on the street when they ask.

Salt & Vinegar chips.

Trusting someone with all your heart.

When a kid reaches for your hand to cross the street.

Hamster videos.

The smell of a barber shop.

Reading the first page of a book.

Dancing with wild abandon.

Knowing that anything is possible tomorrow.

I could go on. But those things, those things are good in my books.