Apr 2015 21

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Mainly cause I’ve been busy in the freelance advertising world and helping to move valuable products and services to nice consumers like yourself. The latest? The Starbucks $1 reusable cup.

Here’s the result of that project from Sam Sitt & myself, produced for BBDO Toronto.

Tomorrow is Earth Day and if you take any reusable cup to Starbucks, you’ll get a free coffee or tea. Sam & I were tasked with finding a way to let people know that Starbucks has their own reusable cup. Just one can save dozens or even hundreds of paper cups if you use it enough. So we thought, for the first piece, why not make the medium the message (yes, McLuhan would be proud) and demonstrate the reusability of the cup in a clever way.

Thanks to Head Gear Animation for their hard work on both of these pieces of content.


‘A Single Cup Film – Bird Breakdance’


‘Down to One’

CLIENT: Starbucks Canada
COPYWRITER: Andrew Bradley
ART DIRECTORS: Sam Sitt, Lisa Luk
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
PRODUCER: Terry Kavanagh
PRODUCTION: Head Gear Animation, Toronto
SOUND: Head Gear Animation, Ricochet Productions
SPECIAL THANKS TO: John Terry, Arthur Shah

produced: April 2015