Nov 2012 01

Jon Murray, one of my favourite copywriters (now in sunny California, the turncoat), called me up at RMW to say he was working on a short film. And could we maybe do the sound? Of course we could.

As the Audio Director, the real hard-work was done by other people like the sound engineer and composers at RMW that contributed their formidable talents for the project. However, I will say I did learn how challenging (and fun) it can be to try to corral everyone to go in one direction. Jon had a specific sound in mind and it was a good learning experience for me to take what he was saying and relay it to everyone else or interpret it a new, different way. Hey, that’s what an audio director does, right?

In the end, I think my big contribution – other than keeping us to some deadlines – was recommending that we should throw out the VO we recorded that belonged to the actor in the film. He came in for a couple of hours and it never sat well with me for some reason. He was good. But I was always hearing Jon Murray himself in the VO role. Jon had a quality that made you want to root for him. He was earnest and sincere. And I think the character needed that for us to empathize more. So that’s what I recommended – we redo it with Jon’s voice. And the rest is sound history.

Here it is, Jon Murray’s award-winning short film ‘Today I Tell Her’.

Today I Will Tell Her from Jon Murray on Vimeo.

Written and Directed by Jon Murray
Cinematographer: Robert Lyte
Editor: Jackie Roda
Producer: Phil Carvalhodd
Music: Dustin Anstey, Laura Nikolic, Jeen O’Brien, and Stephan Szczesniak
Audio Director: Andrew Bradley
Sound Engineer: Dustin Anstey
Sound Design: Art Mullin, Kyle Gudmundson