Jul 2013 31

Sammy Yatim was shot 9 times by the Toronto Police last week. While this lethal force seems more than excessive for the situation, I find it interesting that the media has started up the spin wagon, smelling the way public support is going.

In the last few days, the photos of Sammy Yatim have progressively gone from showing him as the young man who had made some bad choices that he was, to younger and more innocent, and now today to him as a young cute boy.

Also, the only photograph of the alleged shooter, James Forcillo, that has surfaced shows him looking very menacing and frankly, like a complete asshole cop.

Although it seems the video is the only inquest we need into what really happened, and yes the police have some explaining to do, it’d be ideal if the media could do their jobs and report facts. Sammy Yatim was not an innocent 6 year old kid wearing a graduation cap, no more than James Forcillo the George Michael wannabe wearing Ray Bans at night at the time he shot him.

Let’s keep perspective here and find the truth in the middle before someone pulls out a shot of Sammy’s ultrasound, please.


Sammy Yatim_2