Aug 2012 08

Some friends that live in California sent me a text message the other day, asking me if I was writing commercials for SEARS because they saw one on TV and wondered if I was involved. I have to admit, my first response was “Wow, they think I’m a bad copywriter…”

I broke the news to them that no, I don’t write for Sears and pretty much my new job as a Producer/Director at the venerable RMW Music (shameless plug) means that I only help bring a creative team’s ideas to life now. For now, my copywriting pen sits in a holster. Despite over 100 Canadian and International awards (another shameless plug).

Anyhow, then they sent me a link to the ad. It’s… good. Nice job by agency McGarryBowen to make people notice a brand that has made it too easy to want to forget. And to my friends, thanks for thinking I’m that good.