The Canadian Press <br>‘Most Infamous Quote of 2011’
Dec 2011 16

Since writing this, the Huffington Post has run a story on how the Canadian Press maybe should’ve checked the legitimacy of their source. And Don Cherry has commented as well, rightly stating that he never, in fact, said this. Although more and more Canadians appear to be using Fuji Tamale News as a reliable, credible news source, we have always stated that it is indeed “Fake news that’s been making people say ‘Um, I don’t get it’ since 2011”.

Oops. The Canadian Press cited something reported in Fuji Tamale News on Oct 28, 2011 and picked it up as #1 on the ‘Most Infamous Quotes of 2011’ list:

This just proves what a nation of pussies we are.
– Don Cherry on news that Canada’s murder rate is at its lowest since the 1960s.

EDIT: Here’s the original way the Globe and Mail ran it.

The problem is, of course, Don Cherry didn’t say it.

Although Mr. Cherry has said some things that people have found interesting, offensive, or just plain wrong — like I believed him when he said the Leafs could make the playoffs last year — he did not say this.

Satire. Made up. Call-9-1-1-cause-someone-is-in-my-driveway-with-a-camera-and-microphone type stuff.

Fuji Tamale News is, as noted on this website, “meant to be satirical, although we can’t guarantee you’ll actually find any of the content funny.”

And yes Rick Mercer, I am available for freelance work.


Thanks to Kate at for alerting me to all the hullabaloo.