‘Fuck Ya!’: the RMW integrated campaign
Sep 2011 20

Nothing to see here other than your normal congratulatory print ad that drives to web to listen to an R-rated MP3 song. Huh? Exactly. If you’ve seen one “Congratulations to the agencies we were involved with” ad in an awards annual, you’ve probably seen them all.

So RMW Music wanted to do something else. The result was our first self-promotional sort-of-integrated campaign.

Mavericks, I tell ya.

We took out an ad in this year’s Applied Arts Advertising and Interactive Awards issue (on newsstands now, don’tcha know!) that drove people to this page on the RMW Music website where they would hear RMW’s own special way of saying ‘Congratulations’ to Agency 59, Doug & Serge, CP+B, and John St.

You can go to the page, or just listen below. Both ‘explicit’ or ‘clean’ versions were available. You can guess which one I’ve posted here.

‘Fuck Ya’ 1:30

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(this link for you iPhone/iPad people)

In English, it’s ‘congratulations’
In Hindi, it’s ‘subhkamna’
In Hebrew, they say ‘mazel tov’
But we like to say ‘Fuck Ya!’
At RMW, we just say ‘Fuck Ya!’

So ‘Fuck Ya!’ Agency 59
There are 58 agencies numbered before you
but we still think you’re really good

And ‘Fuck Ya!’ Doug & Serge
You make us think of an expensive restaurant
that we couldn’t afford to eat at

And ‘Fuck Ya!’ CP+B
You can Bogusky our Cripsin Porter anytime you want to
if you catch our drift

And ‘Fuck Ya!’ to John St.
If you ever have to move, you’re really really screwed
but you guys are smart and you’ll figure it out

Fuck Ya! Fuck Ya! You guys are in the annual
Super smart warm blooded mammals
Fuck Ya! Fuck Ya! Fuck Ya!
Fuck Ya! Fuck Ya! Fuck Ya!!

Music/Performance: Jim Guthrie
Lyrics: Andrew Bradley
Producer: Ted Rosnick
Everything else: Cindy Hoang

Applied Arts print ad
AD: Daniel Charron
CW: Andrew Bradley

Produced September, 2011