Keystone Ice “Your Stones”
Mar 2013 25

I love making a radio spot. There’s nothing like being in the studio in the morning and having nothing but a script and then leaving in a few hours with a finished spot. I don’t cook, but I can only imagine this is how chefs feel when they’re creating.

This was a fun spot I got to direct with DraftFCB. Mike Richards and Rich Cooper cooked this up, with Joe Piccolo as the CD. Theatre of the mind at it’s ball-loving finest.

“Your Stones” :30

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AGENCY: DraftFCB Toronto
ENGINEER: Kyle Gundmundson, RMW

AIRED: January 2013

RMW Guitar Pick Biz Cards
Feb 2013 27

Here are some fun self-promo items we did recently at RMW. Plastic business cards that have a punch-out guitar pick. On one side our info, and on the other a message of support to the wannabe Jack White in all of us.



NOTE: I have received a lot of emails recently about these. Like 10 or so, just this year. Which is very cool, but very odd. I don’t MAKE guitar picks. I merely did the writing, and oversaw some of the design for these. We used a 3rd party company to ‘make’ them. So although I’m flattered you like them, I don’t construct plastic business cards with punch out guitar picks. I wish I did at the moment, I could have made a lot of money the last month. THX.

No, my photos aren’t so goodish but until I replace them with more ‘professional’ shots, I will just say there’s only so much an iPhone 5 can do I guess.

DESIGN: Shelley Hayes
CW: Andrew Bradley

Gone fishin
Feb 2013 05

Well, sometimes you gotta get outta dodge for awhile and recharge. So I’ve gone to Belize, the place of my dad’s birth, for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure how often I can post from here – the internet can be a bit spotty. So if I can’t, I’ll be posting again regularly after February 18th. See ya then. Besides, I only have about seven readers.

If you really need your ‘Andrew-fix’, and I can’t imagine why, check out this weekly column I’ve been writing at RMW Music’s blog called ‘The Latest’. It’s about four weeks in now and it’s where I look at advertising from the perspective of a former creative director now working in post-production sound.

It’s called ‘The Latest’.

Many a flower is born to blush unseen
Jan 2013 26

Some thoughts on the talent and tenacity it must take to be a musician in the advertising world

I’ve always wanted to play an instrument or write music, but just have to accept that I’ll never be good at it. Two dusty guitars in the basement can attest to that. It’s a talent that I’m in awe of. And in my involvement with RMW over the last couple of years, I’ve come to appreciate the talent that I don’t possess even more because I’m around musicians all the time. To see them continually put out tracks for commercials, hoping theirs will be ‘the’ track chosen, is amazing. And also bittersweet.

During a recent project, I decided to wade into our library of tracks ‘in the vault’ – ones that weren’t chosen by the clients on previous projects – to see if something might fit (special thanks to Laura Nikolic). Limited resources for this client inspired me to try it. They can’t afford an original RMW track scored for their idea, but they can afford a ‘stock track’ and I don’t want to use one of those. For those of you not in advertising (from all seven of you readers), ‘stock music’ refers to music tracks that are available to ANYONE for anything for a small licensing fee. You could ‘rent’ them for your own YouTube video if you wanted. We don’t write them. They are written and recorded by musicians anywhere in the world and made available through stock music houses. The stock tracks we suggest for our clients are the same ones Pirate or Grayson Matthews might. It’s like looking through wallpaper books. Anyone can have it. Stock tracks are usually quite generic sounding — and they’re supposed to as they usually reflect the ‘flavour of the week’ in the music world. Like this month it might be the Mumford & Sons ‘sound’ and next week, The Sheepdogs ‘sound’.

Anyhow, as I was listening through some of RMW’s library of past tracks, I realized how sad and special this was to be hearing these. Each time I was listening to a track that no one would ever hear. It was custom-made for something, and not chosen. It’s more than a rough drawing of a house or scrawled headline on a napkin. It actually exists and I’m listening to it exactly how the artist wanted it to be heard. You can hear the passion and the sincerity in every track.

If I could write and perform just one of these in my lifetime, I’d consider it a giant accomplishment. And these musicians and composers at RMW do it everyday. And when their flower isn’t chosen, their baby, their puppy, they just move on to the next and do it again.

I have been lucky to have success as a professional writer. During my copywriting career, many wannabe copywriters (usually account people) would be in awe of how I, or any of us in the creative department, could so easily craft out idea after idea. And I always thought if I could do it, hey, anyone could. And they’re just ads – not even ‘real’ writing. But they’d say no, that we make something they think is impossible for them look easy. Pfft, whatever, I’d think.

But as I listen to these tracks, I now understand how they felt.

Dec 2012 13

I had the opportunity to direct another IKEA radio spot recently. Josh Rachlis wrote a fun script involving Jonas (the IKEA voice) being Auto-Tuned. I think Jonas had a great time doing it and let’s be honest, the only time we’d want to hear him sing is if it was electronically assisted like this. Comedy he can do. Singing, not so much.

Great DJ voice by Kevin Braithwaite and Auto-Tuning by Engineer Kyle Gudmundson.

IKEA ‘Auto Tuned’ :30

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

AGENCY: Leo Burnett Toronto
CD: Morgan Kurchak
CW: Josh Rachlis
DIRECTOR: Andrew Bradley, RMW
ENGINEER: Kyle Gudmundson, RMW
Thanks to VoiceTrax West, L.A.

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