Jun 2020 11

Not everyone agrees with my belief in defunding. But we can all agree that Spanish is a beautiful language.

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Jun 2020 06

Thank god for dogs. Where would we be without them right now? They see the good in all of us.

Except skateboarders.


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Jun 2020 02

I like this one, and what they’re all about. You might want to $upport something else and that’s cool. Link through their IG account tag & bio (high traffic today, which is a good sign). They take donations. _#Toronto

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NOTE: My opinion on the ‘BlackoutTuesday’ social media rage may be polarizing. I think it’s slacktivism at its’ finest. If you have the means, you have to do something. Donate. Speak up. I dunno. But just changing your avatar/profile does nothing more than making you feel like you are helping in some way. Advertising people – you can do more than this. You have the financial means, and certainly are more creative.

And on Instagram, if all you are seeing is black square after square, well… it means you are in an echo chamber and don’t follow enough diverse voices. I realize this is true for me today. So, in that sense, it has accomplished something inadvertently I suppose.



May 2020 29

Oh, look. They’re putting a new billboard up.

_ #Parkdale

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May 2020 26

#Parkdale_#talktomegoose #dogwalk #graffiti

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