Feb 2019 14

Find what you love and let it kill you~ Charles BukowskiSeemed like the perfect day to post this creepy shot of a playing card I randomly came across in #Parkdale last month. #ValentinesDay
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Feb 2019 05

Signs of an early spring in #Parkdale. #Toronto

Feb 2019 02

As the child of a #JapaneseCanadian who went through the WWII internment, I am still coming to terms with how my mother’s silence about that period affects me.Tonight my sister took me to The Tashme Project, a production highlighting the stories of the children who were shaped by it. Survivors.As #Yonsei, it was affirming to know we are not alone in trying to re-engage with our stolen heritage. #HalfJapanese #Shimamori
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Jan 2019 28

Someone lost a mitt. #Parkdale #Toronto #extremecoldalert

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Jan 2019 25

As if my gluten-free vegan mason jar breakfast is gonna wash down itself #adlife

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