Apr 2018 12

#GazeUponZen As drawn by a friend, who says I seem to have achieved an inner peace today. Far from the truth, but to those who have wondered what a non-tortured me would look like…
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Apr 2018 05

On a little IG break. Waiting for the world to surprise me again. Perhaps it is time to look with new eyes and see the wonder in the every day around me.
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Apr 2018 03

A woman wearing a cowboy hat on my 504 streetcar is playing music on her speakerphone that sounds like the end credits of ‘Mario Kart’ when you finish the game. 
I feel tremendously confident and victorious, ready to face the day. 

Mar 2018 30

I’m not religious, but the thought of executing someone that could turn water into wine really does depress me. 

Mar 2018 23


So far in 2018, my life has been one endless moment of anxiety wondering when I will again be near a plug so I can charge my various devices.