Mar 2019 27

Were there noobs already sitting out in 10 degree weather? Yes. Did we join them? Yes. Marking becoming a #Toronto cliche on March 27th.

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Mar 2019 26


On the TTC yesterday. Rush hour.

And I made small talk with a couple of possibly Septuagenarian ladies that were seated in front of me. I had to stand too close to them by necessity of the crowding – and my crotch was kind of right in their space and I felt very odd about it – to diffuse the situation, saying the following went through my mind…

“Wow, you ladies look like you could totally sit in regular red seats rather than blue seats.”

But I stopped myself. Proud.

“Wow, crowded huh?” was all I could manage.

I’m growing. #proud



Mar 2019 23

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Mar 2019 23

Took the 12 year old dog through High Park this aft. Snapped a bunch of photos on the DSLR, and the only one worthy of posting is … the dog on the TTC. I shall work on my skills.



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Mar 2019 23

After a bizarre month, some normal would be good. Please universe, can I please have some ‘normal’? But from the further tales of strange, I present my Thursday night…

“Maybe some cereal and a quart of milk?”

First of all, who in Canada refers to it as a ‘quart’ of milk? But this was my first thought when this person in the supermarket asked me if I could buy him something to eat.

I won’t go into too many details about what he looked like but he was in his 30s, limping a bit, and carrying a very large backpack. He said ‘Excuse me’ as he squeezed past me (those cereal aisles aren’t wide) and frankly I was impressed that he said that.

Cause, like, have you been downtown lately? Or anywhere outside really? Does anyone say ‘excuse me’ if they squeeze past you these days? Where are our basic manners, people? That’s right, gone. So yes, he immediately made an impression on me, and I moved aside and said ‘No problem’.

He looked back, struck up a conversation, and the next thing I knew I was buying cereal and a ‘quart’ of milk for him. As he and I walked through the supermarket and I picked out my own items, I also got a very long story about his situation, medical condition, night in a shelter, and inability to get a bus ticket home. And he was hoping his mom would drive down from Northern Ontario to come and get him but was going to head to the bus station, anyhow.

I’ll be honest. I’m pretty sure I was being scammed. Or hypnotized and was suddenly very susceptible to being robbed. But it was the most interesting conversation I’ve had in ages, for sure. He could either weave a very good tale or this was someone in need.

As we parted near the checkout, I even gave him the bus ticket money (it was under $20, everyone) and he said “Thank you so much. I swear I’m telling you the truth.”

And maybe he was, and maybe he wasn’t. And I suppose I should have just said goodbye, and “You’re welcome.”

But I left him with “Well, whether you are or not, only you know. It’s now on you. I wish you well. Pass it forward maybe if you get the chance.”

And we parted.

As I walked towards the subway, I thought back to our conversation as I was grabbing a tub of boccocini. He was convinced that you get what you put out there and I was the universe answering his call. It made him giddy, actually.

I couldn’t share in it because although lately I’d like to believe the universe works this way, after bidding him goodbye, I was more convinced that the universe finds some sucker to buy your cereal.

In my head, I was thinking, “Pfft. It’s all bullshit. Everything is random. Well, I’ll have a good story to tell about the guy that even got me to buy him 2 kiwis on top of a box of cereal and milk” – you are reading it.

“There’s no way the universe answers your call for anything,” my thoughts finalized.

And then almost at the subway, I turned a corner. And there was my friend, D, walking right towards me.

“Andrew-san, my friend!”. He calls me that because of my half-Japanese background.

D is, in addition to other very interesting things involving cryptography and business, a very respected mindfulness meditation master here in Toronto. I’ve known him for years but we have had long talks over soda water the last few months about my sobriety (he doesn’t drink), and energy, and the universe, yes… answering your call.

And there he was.

“It is so lucky to run into you!” said D, big grin on his face. “I was just thinking about you!”

The universe. She is certainly having her way with me these days.