Dec 2018 08

From a Gen-Xer, here is my gift. The Baby Boomers before us never told us this about getting older, but I’m going to tell you so we don’t make the same mistakes as those before us.

It’s a terrible reality of getting older.

Ear hair.

Get ready for it.

It’s real. It’s not an ear infection or a bug crawling around deep in your ear canal.

It’s hair. Growing. Lots of it. Don’t go to the doctor.

You’ll thank me later.

Dec 2018 04


A kids school outing just got on my streetcar. Currently surrounded by 6 year olds as I peck this out. Can’t decide if I am very lucky to be awash in such optimistic innocence, or unknowingly crossed into hell and didn’t notice.

Some of them have runny noses.

This is a lost mitt waiting to happen.



Dec 2018 04

Skulking around the tracks at dusk in the rain like mommy never hugged me. #Toronto #DundasWest
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Nov 2018 30

“What the fuck?" – Charles Dickens, ‘A Christmas Carol’#EatonCentre #DJ
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Nov 2018 28


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The Honeycrisp is the greatest apple to ever grace the face of the earth.

Fight me.