Aug 2018 31

My niece visited last week. And after enduring the third replay of her music choice, ‘The Hamster Dance’, I decided to throw her a curveball.

Like any good uncle, I felt like it was my duty to introduce her to some real music. Like Iggy Pop and The Stooges.

She’s 11 now. I feel that’s a good age to develop some taste. I put on ‘Down on the Street’ from their 1970 ‘Fun House’ album, slung on my bass guitar and loudly riffed along, doing my best to channel my inner-wannabe punk rock bassist. Lots of head thrashing as I imagined I still had a full mane up there to wave around for full ‘LIVE at CBGBs & strung out on heroin’ effect. I’m barely two years into my fledgling bass hobby and frankly, I’m not that good yet, but ‘Down on the Street’ has a pretty simple bass line and you can really play it loud for full crazy uncle effect.

Surprisingly, my niece seemed to really get into it as she even put down the iPad and listened. So I pressed my luck with an intro into Iggy Pop’s more commercially-friendly solo stuff like ‘Lust for Life’ (of course, I’ve had it in the ear before – best lyric, ever) and ‘Real Wild Child’.

Afterwards, I showed her some photos of Iggy Pop from back in the day, and what he’s like now – cause he’s still way cool, even at 71 years old.

One of the photos I showed her was of the above… Iggy Pop wearing a dress. And this got tremendous giggles from her. Which I kind of expected to be honest. My niece has a very open mind about many things but I’m not sure privileged 11 year olds who live in the High Park area are really thinking about gender identification since they’re too busy playing ‘Fortnite’ apparently. WTF.

But then I read her his quote… ‘I’m not ashamed to dress like a woman because I don’t think it’s shameful to be a woman.’

The giggling stopped. And I could see the wheels in her mind turning.

And she looked up at me and said, simply, ‘Cool’.

Uncle Goal, Accomplished.

In your face, ‘Hamster Dance’.




Aug 2018 26

Annual shot of my niece on the rickety CNE swings right before, I am always certain, we are about to get flung into a corn dog stand.
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Aug 2018 19

Showtime! A couple foolishly asked me to MC their wedding reception tonight. If you’re gonna comedy bomb, bomb in a barn.
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Aug 2018 18

I had the pleasure and honour of seeing two beautiful souls take the plunge of Marriage last night. A lovely wedding, and a couple who really define what love, support, and magic are all about. Congrats to Laura and Marie. ?
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Aug 2018 14

Something something Roy G. Biv Judy Garland Leprechaun marshmallow cereal LGBTQ Kermit Pot Of Gold chocolates beautiful. Whatevs.
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