Jul 2020 06

You just never know. And isn’t that the fun part?


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Jul 2020 01

July 1st

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(lifted from my rambling Facebook post today)

Mixed feelings on this Canada Day.

Without a Blue Jays team to complain about, my thoughts turn more political. You’ve been warned.

Although there’s no country I’d rather live in, and there’s much to be proud of, pretty down about our treatment of certain groups, especially our Indigenous Peoples.

Canada, we can be so much more than hockey, syrup, being polite, and the Rockies.
We need to forget our own PR.
We need to do better.

To me, Canada is a promise unfulfilled, but a hopeful work in progress.

Stay masked, everyone. Stay outta crowds.
And like the great experiment Canada was founded to be, stay open to change.


Jun 2020 29





Jun 2020 25

An update on the tiny rodent that just showed up in my apartment during the pandemic.


For those who have been asking ,“Hey, Andrew. I know global upheaval is going on, but what ever happened to that mouse in your apartment?”, here’s an update.


She is a crafty one.

I have three humane traps set out (picture above) and she won’t go into any of them. They’re full of sunflower seeds – which I know she likes. But I’m being outsmarted.

Bold, sometimes she comes out from behind the kitchen cupboards where I know she hangs and she wanders around. And yes, when I’m in the kitchen, too. She doesn’t give a flying mouse fuck.

I’m kind of in love.

Doing my best to catch her and give her a life in High Park, but she’s not going for it still.

And yes, I refuse to kill her. Unless she starts chewing up my shit. Then all bets are off.

So right now, it seems I have a roommate.

Stay tuned. I’m gonna have to get all Wile E. Coyote on her soon.


Jun 2020 23

Lone Bather.

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