May 2020 20

‘Sad Bastard’. A phrase that might be attributed to me once in awhile.

I prefer ‘layered’ or ‘complex’. But in any case, yes. Yes, I do love me some ‘Sad Bastard Music’ once in awhile. And this is my Sgt. Pepper of the genre.

Anyone who knows me is sick of me championing this record. There’s a song for any of your ‘Sad Bastard’ occasions.

A story… Was lucky enough to catch this troubled band on their reunion tour in 2008.

Delicious drama of another band breakup hung in the air.

The encore. And troubled troubadour Richard Ashcroft finishes the vocals, channeling his best Mick Jagger genetically spliced with Jim Morrison. He walks off the stage, and hops into a big old school convertible parked next to it … And he drives off, right out of the back service door of the Ricoh Coliseum, leaving the rest of the band on stage to finish the song.

The band does break up again, and Ashcroft temporarily displaces both the Gallagher Brothers for title of ‘Saddest Sod in English Music’, elevating ‘Sad Layered Complex Bastard’ to new heights.

Goals, reader. Goals!



May 2020 19


Boosting my post about Pina Newman from last week.

I received a lovely email from someone who knew Pina and read my piece about her.

I don’t want Pina to fall off of my timeline yet. Or from our memory.

You can read my original post from May 10th, 2020 about Pina Newman here.



May 2020 19



Day 6.

Is it the best Black Keys album? No.

But choosing this record today is reminder that we will rock again.

Even when the concert by these two dirty Ohio garage dudes on August 12th at Budweiser Stage that you had tickets for that was keeping you going as a small glimmer of light at the end of the pandemic tunnel was cancelled last week.

We must rock again.

We will find a way to rock again.

Find it within yourself to get up today, and this week, and fucking rock again.



May 2020 18

It’s MFing Cheesecake Time.

_#ontario #famousrecipe

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May 2020 16



Taking the weekend off from this album thing out of respect for Queen Vickie. Gosh she makes good chips.

However, I’ll never forget being curious about what made a record player ‘turn’. Must have still been in the single digits when I removed the platter from the family turntable to discover a mysterious world of gears and wheels.

And one small rubber belt that I couldn’t quite replace properly.

Took me ages of covert fiddling, under great anxiety, hoping my Mom or Dad wouldn’t walk in to discover that I ‘broke’ it.

But, score one for perseverance and those small half-Asian children’s hands. They’re not just for making modern-day iPhones, y’know.

The best way to figure out how something works? Break it apart and put it back together. A metaphor for life, perhaps.



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