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Mar 2011 28

A discussion about taglines from the minds of Fuji Tamale inc.

So recently I was hired to come up with a new tagline for a well-known brand. Frankly, I’m not sure how successful I was as I’ve yet to hear from this client.

So it got me thinking about my tagline writing credentials.

Here are just some of the historic taglines you may love and remember from the annals of Canadian advertising that I have written…

Responsibly Wild.

It’s on.

We need to talk.

Keep it real.

Small but strong.

Avioners can do that.

I want to be.

An extra opening helps get things in and out. (honest, that ran)

Naturally Beautiful.

Guilty since 1973.

No doubt that opened up a lot of fond advertising memories for you.


Live Q & A chat
Mar 2011 23

The first live Q & A chat of Fuji Tamale is in the books. I answered some questions live on the internet about freelancing and copywriting just to see what would happen. A bit different. Thanks to everyone who participated. Here’s the transcript:

Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by FujiTamale.com. This should be fun. Sorry I’m a couple minutes late but let’s talk advertising!
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:02 PM 3/21/2011

Hey Andrew. Cool idea. Do you like being a ‘freelance’ copywriter?
by JT, Vancouver at 1:03 PM 3/21/2011

Hey JT. Thanks for the question.
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:03 PM 3/21/2011

by Anonymous, Edmonton at 1:03 PM 3/21/2011

And yes, I do like it a lot. I get to work on all kinds of interesting projects and with different people. It’s more fun and challenging than being on staff somewhere, which I did for 15 years.
by Andrew at 1:04 PM 3/21/2011

by JT, Vancouver at 1:04 PM 3/21/2011

Hey everyone, please try to keep your comments clean. Thanks.
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:05 PM 3/21/2011

Hi Andrew, what were some of your favourite accounts to work on in your career?
by SC, Miami at 1:07 PM 3/21/2011

Hey SC. Every client can be fun if the problem to solve is interesting.
Most recently, I really enjoyed working on Volkswagen.
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:09 PM 3/21/2011

So you wrote ‘Das Auto’?
by SC, Miami at 1:10 PM 3/21/2011

Wow. LOL!  I wish but that was written by another agency many years ago, now used around the world. So great. Sorry to disappoint!
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:11 PM 3/21/2011

by Anonymous, Edmonton at 1:11 PM 3/21/2011

Oh. What about that spot where the kid is Darth Vader and he’s trying to use the force on the Passat. Did you write that one?
by BB, Chicago at 1:12 PM 3/21/2011

No. Again, wish I had. Anyone wanna talk about the work I have posted or anything?
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:13 PM 3/21/2011

How about ‘got milk’. Did you write that? My cat loved those spots.
by GB, Milwaukee at 1:14 PM 3/21/2011

Afraid not. Your cat?
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:15 PM 3/21/2011

Thanks for the answer to my first question.Just so you know, my cousin is a copywriter and he says that all ‘freelancers’ are just hacks who got fired and can’t get another full time job so they call themselves ‘freelancers’ instead of just ‘unemployed’. Who’s right?
by JT, Vancouver at 1:18 PM 3/21/2011

I have an unemployed uncle. It’s rough, man.
By PG, Calgary at 1:18 PM 3/21/2011

Well JT, yes, it’s true there are some freelancers – not sure why you keep putting it in quotes by the way – that are ultimately looking for a full-time job. Freelancing is a great way to test out many places and find the right fit. I’m not looking for a full time job though. I’m pretty happy. Sorry about your uncle PG.
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:20 PM 3/21/2011

Sure you’re ‘happy’.
by JT, Vancouver at 1:21 PM 3/21/2011

Tits tits tits tits.
Anonymous, Edmonton at 1:21 PM 3/21/2011

Anonymous has been banned from the chat

Hey everyone, keep your posts clean please.
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:22 PM 3/21/2011

Andrew, my uncle the unemployed one, is doing bad. Do you need any help at Fuji Tamale?
By PG, Calgary at 1:23 PM 3/21/2011

No. Sorry PG. Does he have any ad experience? Maybe I could ask anyone I know in Calgary if they need help.
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:25 PM 3/21/2011

Like you even know anyone in Toronto.
by JT, Vancouver at 1:26 PM 3/21/2011

No ad experience but he watches Mad Men though. Awesome.Thanks for helping him!
By PG, Calgary at 1:26 PM 3/21/2011

pussy pussy pussy pussy
I M BACK, Edmonton at 1:27 PM 3/21/2011

Hang on PG. I’d love to help but if he doesn’t have ad experience, I can’t really. Maybe you could send me his resume and I’ll see if I have any ideas.
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:28 PM 3/21/2011

I M BACK has been banned from the chat

Bummer. He was excited.
By PG, Calgary at 1:29 PM 3/21/2011

by Andrew, Toronto at 1:29 PM 3/21/2011

Does anyone have any ADVERTISING questions or anything about freelancing?
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:31 PM 3/21/2011

My cat doesn’t know your adveritsments.
by GB, Milwaukee at 1:32 PM 3/21/2011

Cause he’s a ‘freelancer’. you suck balls
by JT, Vancouver at 1:33 PM 3/21/2011

Okay, let’s wrap it up. Thanks for coming everyone. It was a first time and wanted to try it out. Maybe next time we’ll try a different format to have more of a discussion, but thanks. Let me know via email if I can make it more interesting or what you might want to talk about. Have a great afternoon.
by Andrew, Toronto at 1:35 PM 3/21/2011

Tsunami thoughts from a Yonsei
Mar 2011 21

I joke about my half-Asian heritage. For instance, my theory that tempura is really the Japanese plot to avenge Hiroshima and Nagasaki slowly and with heart disease. I guess it’s always been my way of dealing with never being comfortable with it – see: Mother, Shame, Japanese-Canadian internment. But in the last year since her death, I certainly have come to not only learn more about it with my trip across Canada, but to actually start to feel some pride about who I am, where my Mom’s family came from and what really happened to them before and after 1942 in Vancouver.

Anyhow, I’ll save that story for another time – see: book, unfinished.

What was strange recently was watching the disasters unfold in Japan and actually feeling some sense of kinship with these people. Just as I started to feel like I could legitimately say I feel half-Japanese, I watch the partial destruction of Japanese society live and on TV and the internet.

Somewhere, I have family over there. And maybe some of them are gone now from the events last week. Maybe even family photographs, history and artefacts that I don’t even know about have been washed away with the tsunami. I watched a 60 Minutes segment last night where they talked to a little girl with the last name ‘Suzuki’ who watched as many of her classmates were washed away from the school gymnasium they took cover in. Shock and emptiness in her eyes. My great-grandmother was apparently a ‘Suzuki’. A common name probably. But who knows, this little girl could be a long lost cousin. Or an heir to a very rich dynasty of course – see: Suzuki motors, millionaires. Maybe I can’t stop this joking to cope thing.

Although I haven’t finished my book, I think I know what I’ll be writing about next. I need to go over to Japan and find out just how far back I can trace these roots before they’re gone. See: Time, Nature, relentless bitch.

The Breasts & Thighs Channel
Feb 2011 23

Sometimes an idea comes along that reminds me why I love advertising and doing what I do. Usually, it’s never an idea I had that I’m referring to of course.

The latest idea that has restored my faith in this biz? BBDO Toronto’s idea for a 24 –hour rotisserie chicken channel sponsored by Swiss Chalet.

Going live on February 28th (channel 208!) and staying on for 90 days, Rogers digital subscribers will be treated to footage of 3 rows of Swiss Chalet rotisserie chicken, slowly turning and cooking to perfection.

It not only makes me want their chicken, but rumour has it that online coupon codes will be broadcast to help close the deal.

Great idea. And frankly on an account that people said good work couldn’t be done for.

With temperatures getting down to -35C in the winter, you’d think drinking tea would come more naturally to Canadians. However — shocker! — Starbucks seems to be known for coffee. So during a freelance stint at BBDO, we were asked to come up with an idea to feature their Tazo teas. It really is a great product and we wanted to push the silk sachet and natural, wholesome ingredients.
John Terry (yes, the Gold Lion winner for ‘Tropicana’, sheesh) and I cooked up this idea ‘Naturally Beautiful’ involving beautiful insects filling the sachets with natural ingredients. Chris Munnik took over the copywriting duties after the idea was approved by Seattle.
Still being rolled out as of January 2011.

GENESIS TEAM: Me, John Terry CW: Chris Munnik CD: Carlos Moreno AGENCY: BBDO

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