Downsized Bay St. exec denies not “spending more time with kids” as promised
Jul 2011 08

FujiTamale News, Toronto

What started as a promising summer of fun for one Toronto family has instead turned into controversy. “When Jimmy got canned he said was going home to hang out with his family,” says one former colleague of James Eakins, relieved of his duties as Regional Manager last month. “Canada’s Wonderland, the beach, Centreville. He said they were going to do all of them. We were all jealous.” But instead of spending time with kids Kate, 6 and ‘Big Guy’ Spencer, 9, Mr. Eakins has regressed to thinking about becoming a daytrader and flipping through Auto Trader Classic, looking for his “sweet ride” from high school. When confronted, Mr. Eakins challenged the allegations saying “I don’t know what the kids are bitching about, I took them to Dairy Queen just the other week”. His severance is expected to last through Labour Day when he will “probably, I guess” take the kids to the CNE.


Douchebags spending less these days say Ossington retailers
Jul 2011 06

FujiTamale News, Toronto

Despite the stream of flip-flops and ironic fedoras on the sidewalk, businesses on Toronto’s trendiest strip say they’re having trouble making ends meet. “I don’t know if it was a bad tree-planting spring or what, but those kids just have no money this summer,” says one bar owner. “If this keeps up, I might have to take those OK Goes people off the music playlist.” Some bars, coffee shops and even restaurants recently reviewed favourably on independent blogs report business is down as much as 7% from last year. Canadian economists aren’t concerned though, noting that student loans and profits from a new crop of pretentious hipster art shows this Fall should buoy the area’s economic comeback.

Luke Sullivan
Jul 2011 05

I haven’t read ‘Hey Whipple, Squeeze This’. There, I admitted it. It’s good to just get it out there and stop feeling the shame.

Oh, like every creative person, I have it. It’s on the shelf next to George Lois’ book and one of Jerry Della Famina’s and maybe even a Malcolm Gladwell. I meant to read it but I just never got around to it. I always feel guilty about it. Fellow freelancer Dave Delibato recently opened my old shame wound by visibly recoiling when I told him I hadn’t read it.

Anyhow, below is a link to an interesting interview on TheAdBuzz with the author, Luke Sullivan. I think it’s an excerpt from his new edition of the book we shall not name again, due out in 2012.

The excerpt is about paying attention to detail and making everything more beautiful than it needs to be. Not just in advertising, but in life. The part I love the most is a quote from an old man from Bali when explaining to an anthropologist that his society doesn’t have ‘art’ — “We have no art. We do EVERYTHING as well as possible.”

VOICES: Whatever You’re Making, Make it Way Better Than It Has To Be — from, picture above and content from them.

A death in Trinity Bellwoods
Jun 2011 24

Area residents grieve for unnamed pet buried under tree.

I’m back from the Hyper Island Master Class in NYC and my head is buzzing with the possibilities that the class has opened up to me. I’ll post more about my experiences there later.

Right now, I just feel bad for the kid who buried his hamster/gerbil/snake/goldfish/turtle in the park by my house. After talking about digital and online communication for three days, it was nice to see something so heartfelt and honest with a human touch.

On the other hand, there was a missed opportunity here. The kid could have posted a URL to a website on the little tombstone that featured pictures and videos of his pet. He could’ve started an online community for other kids to come and discuss their grieving processes when they lost their pets.

Or a twitter feed called ‘PetGhosts’ that would send tweets from the other side to distraught kids.

Perhaps a link to some of the areas Veterinarians or even better, had a vet come and do a live chat.

No doubt area pet shelters would’ve found the data collected invaluable to target pet-less families and suggest replacement pets for adoption. I’m sure it would’ve gotten the attention of Science Diet or Pedigree after a few weeks and the kid could’ve sold the whole website to them for a number with a lot of zeroes attached to it.

Kid, you blew it bigtime.

Well, a moment of silence for the little critter anyhow.

Ducks Amuck
Jun 2011 20

Day 1 of the Hyper Island Master Class.
And what I learned can be summed up by one of my favourite Looney Tunes cartoons, titled Duck Amuck.
In this classic, Daffy Duck begins a cartoon unwittingly thinking that the old rules apply. He’ll be put into some situation and he’ll just be himself, status quo. But the cartoon itself starts fucking with him.
Everything that gives him identity starts to be screwed with. The background is erased and changed into different scenes. Daffy tries to adapt. But then the artist even starts screwing with who Daffy is — changing his body.
Finally, even the walls of the cartoon itself start closing in around him and he loses it.

It’s nothing that we didn’t already know, but basically ‘digital’ is going to (already is) screw with our sense of who we are as creatives and more importantly, a brand’s sense of who they even are. Adapt or get run over. I’ll save the how to adapt part for when you hire me for your next freelance job of course.

We also saw LaToya Jackson and I had a filet mignon.
So y’know, some things in this new world are status quo.

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