Oct 2012 04

Have you heard of Facebook? Exactly. So I’m not sure why they need to advertise. They now have over 1 billion users. And certainly the other 6 billion people on the planet know ‘of it’.

And I certainly don’t know why they need to produce such a predictable, cliché, idea-bereft, commercial like this one. It’s not a horrible looking spot. The cinematography is nice. It’s just kind of… boring.

Like LinkedIn kind of boring.

But what do you think?

John Baird’s “So who’s from out of town here?” opening falls flat during UN General Assembly speech
Oct 2012 01

Fuji Tamale Breaking News, New York City

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs sent scrambling after starting his speech with a well-worn line from standup comedy. “He seems to be recovering nicely,” said Basile Ikouebe, Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Congo as he left the auditorium to follow up on a “rumour of a remaining white 64 GB iPhone 5 somewhere in the East Village.”

John Baird continues his speech being delivered on the last day of the United Nations General Assembly 2012.



PHOTO: Lucas Jackson/Reuters
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Sep 2012 25

I don’t know what to say about this other than it’s good. And I wish I did it.
Oh, and Ou est Xavier? Just a little something I picked up in French class. And no, it probably isn’t correct.

Van46 Digital

Concept and Dancing: Stina Diös and Liam Kearney
Camera: Jeff Higgins
Music: Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie

Sep 2012 25

My first Fuji Tamale Commentary piece. Maybe it’s just autumn getting to me. Maybe I just miss Keith Olbermann on TV. Maybe it’s something more. But in any case, the following are some thoughts about the state of the world and what it means to be “creative” – at least when it comes to being “creative” in Advertising.

I’ve been following the events unfolding around the world lately with concern, anger and sometimes just by laughing out loud — “That dude Romney thinks windows on airplanes should roll down! hahahahah!”.

The European economy is in the tank. China and Japan are talking tough with each other over some stupid island. The American economy is (still) in the dumper with their only solution being to print more money. And events in the Middle East seem to have backfired on the west and now Iran and Israel are trying to start something which could have consequences that go on for a long time. Then there are the usual climate things and oh yah, enjoy seeing a Rhino while you can cause they’re going away soon, so we’ve been told.

Now I think I know why I stayed busy with my head down for 15 years as a full-timer in advertising; It kept me from reading the news. Ignorance is bliss. Maybe the world has always been this messed up and world problems don’t go away — they just get spread around to a different area every decade or so, like peanut butter. But it seems like the problems are bigger these days. And more dire for immediate, and different thinking solutions.

Which brings me to my question. And I ask it of every copywriter, art director, creative director, director, composer or editor or creative person that I know or have worked with. That question is: What is our responsibility to help solve these things as the “idea people”?

We have made our livings ‘selling’ things to people through ideas. And in most cases I know, a more comfortable living than the average person. I myself have sold cars, beer, burgers, cell phone plans, furniture, luncheon meat, chips, cookies, toilet paper, electronics, juice, credit cards, RSPs, shoes… and the list goes on and on … using my ‘talents’. Sure, once in awhile I tried to help a worthy cause but it was still trying to sell somebody on donating or supporting an organization in most cases.

What I’m talking about and asking is if we can’t trust change to happen by just voting or signing a petition, what is our responsibility as “idea people” that have proven we can change perception? Do we not have a responsibility, at some point, to try to help the world truly become a better place by using our ‘talents’ and experience?

And I’m asking that question of myself.

If anyone is out to change the world and truly leave it a better place, you know where to reach me. What that means I’m open to, I do not know. But I do know the world can use some great ideas right now. And hey, isn’t that what we’ve been trained for?

And if you’re just a Jehovah’s Witness trying to recruit me, I’ll punch you in the face. That’s not what I mean.