“Here’s to Real Friends” trailer
Oct 2011 24

Chivas Regal and agency Euro RSCG London are releasing two short online films next week. The two “Here’s to Real Friends” films are directed by Short Film Oscar® (yes, with a little trademarky thing cause you never know) winner Joachim Back.

Short films aren’t anything new in the marketing world — BMW did a neat thing with “The Hire” back in 2001 — but I guess the thing that pulled me in was the warning message about showing minors before the trailer. Hopefully that means the films won’t shy away from the fact that Real Friends like to get bombed together.

‘Slut’ expected to retain #1 Halloween Costume title for 47th straight year
Oct 2011 21

FujiTamale News, Toronto

Just a minute there, Zombies. With a little over a week to go, an IPSOS-REID poll indicates that the traditional slut costume will hold onto its rein as most popular Halloween get-up this year, just edging out the undead ‘Zombie’ phenomenon.

“This shows Canadians are staying with traditional values,” says Miles Steinberg, IPSOS-REID senior analyst. “With the uncertain economic and geopolitical situations, they’re looking at things that are proven to work and just going with ‘Slut’ is one of them.”

Steinberg points out that hybrid costumes were included in the Slut category for the poll, such as ‘Slutty Witch, ‘Pirate Slut’, and ‘Ossington Thursday Night’.

PHOTO: Petr Kratochvil

‘Start the Car!’ still part of IKEA’s brand identity
Oct 2011 19

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion but hey, ya gotta eat.

A column in the October 2011 Strategy Magazine talks about how IKEA, a brand I worked on as both copywriter and ACD, is in the hearts and minds of Canadians. They cited the “… now iconic ‘Start the Car’“, a spot I worked on with Allan Mah at Zig (now CP+B), as one of the pillars of that brand connection and they named IKEA one of their Brands of the Year.

Not bad for a spot done many years ago and at an agency that doesn’t even exist anymore. That being said, although I do miss working on IKEA and the old Zig (RIP), I think Judy John and the crew at Leo Burnett are doing a great job so far as IKEA’s new AOR. Glad they’ve retained Jonas, the Swedish Announcer, as the voice of their radio campaign as well.

Strategy Magazine has to learn the first rule of working on IKEA — it’s always ‘IKEA’ (all caps) and never ‘Ikea’. Elspeth and Lorraine, my old bosses, would’ve killed us for that.

The full article about IKEA’s latest endeavours (and gushing about ‘Start the Car’) can be found here, or hey, pick it up at your newsstand while those archaic relics of the publishing world are still around.


As a side note, I ran into this actress a few years ago downtown. She had changed her appearance — people were yelling ‘Start the Car!!!’ at her all the time. Oops.

Occupy Toronto movement holds emergency meeting on font choices
Oct 2011 17

FujiTamale Breaking News, Toronto



New Argos ad campaign reminds people “you’re rooting for the Buffalo fucking Bills for chrissakes”
Oct 2011 13

FujiTamale News, Toronto

As Toronto football fans turn their attention from the 3-11 Argos to the surprising 4-1 NFL Buffalo Bills, a new CFL and Argonauts marketing campaign hopes to shift some loyalties back to the north.

With the tagline “Buffalo? C’mon be fucking serious dude”, the Argonauts campaign reminds people that it’s a declining town that has not won, and never will win, the Super Bowl. Supported by TV, radio, out of home and social media, pieces will “focus on things that will make you realize you’re actually rooting for Buffalo” says the Creative Director of the unnamed agency.

Headlines in the campaign include “Irv Weinstein is a douche.”, “We still have to brag that murderer O.J. played here.”, “Come for the wings. Stay for the fires in Tonawanda.” and “Support your own loser team instead.”

The campaign will run for 6 weeks or until Toronto Mayor Rob Ford inevitably ruins the team’s momentum by being photographed in a Bills jersey.