Mar 2020 11

Fuck it. Staying right here if anyone’s looking for me.

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Mar 2020 08


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Mar 2020 02


My father, at the dinner table in his Senior’s Building, talking to his fellow residents:

“If that Covid-19 gets in this place, we’re all being carried out in body bags.”

Silence, as everyone tried to carve their Sunday roast beef.



I know the dude’s right, but why he couldn’t wait til the Jell-O was served is beyond me.


Feb 2020 20


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Since this day last week,

there are 19 more minutes of daylight.





Feb 2020 18

Breaking my public writing sabbatical to talk about the Wet’suwet’en and defending their land and all the messy stuff going on here in Canada. What kind of world do we want?

Look, it’s no secret I have my problems with our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. First of all, the beard. They’re kind of reserved for guys like me that need to cover half their face in order to be considered mildly palatable for the human eye in regular light. Justin didn’t have that problem. Good looking human. Dude, ditch the beard.

I don’t like what happened to Jody Wilson-Raybould. I don’t like how the SNC-Lavalin thing all shook down. And I’m not crazy about the mini-scandals involving his vacations.

But certainly, as many of you who have hung out in bars with me drunk have found out I am not a fan of how this current Liberal Government is treating our First Nations Indigenous peoples. I’m not a fan of how any Canadian government really has, but Justin and his peeps were very vocal about how Reconciliation was on their agenda.

In both elections. And what is really being done? And is it being done fast enough? It doesn’t seem like it.

However, I will say this – In recent days, Justin Trudeau has shown the right restraint in not calling for the RCMP to disband the ‘protests’. This heated up today in the House of Commons and will continue to do so until something gives. The Conservatives are pushing. The pressure is mounting. The NDP can only hold their end up for so long. Something is going to give soon.

This is about more than a pipeline. This is about more than big business interests. This is about more than even Reconciliation in a way.

This is about the future of the environment, moral obligations, and the kind of country and world we want. Perhaps the Wet’suwet’en aren’t just defending their rights – maybe they’re defending all of ours and the planet’s. Heady stuff.

In any case, Justin is going to have to make a big public decision here.

He can’t hide behind Gerald Butts or throw any of his Cabinet members to the wolves.

This is where we find out what kind of leader he really is, and where the Liberals are really leading us.

Their track record isn’t very good, but the world is watching.

Are you?

Beard, or not, Justin is going to have to grow up here.






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