Sep 2017 17

My niece's ballteam is playing for the coveted, but unfortunately named, Squirt White Championship this aft. Updates as they happen.
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Sep 2017 15

As always, I’m full of excuses, and low on my own writing.

But since it’s the advertising world that has me occupied these days, here’s a piece of actual advertising from ‘Dissolve’, a stock photos/footage library. Historically, stock footage libraries for use in advertising have been cliche and depict lives that seem a little too perfect or too banal. I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a stock shot and thought ‘yup, perfectly natural’.

Love the insight of this piece. Totes.

CREDITS (as far as I can dig up so far):

Agency: And/Or
Script: Kendra Eash

Sep 2017 09


Sometimes a commercial comes along and I just go ‘Yes. But how the heck did they get the client to do this?’.

So creepy. But it certainly taps into a truth about the product. Ice cream does make us all feel better. Even when we’re faced with A.I. dystopia, and our own mortality. And, well, nevermind.


DIRECTOR: Mike Dahlquist

CLIENT: Halo Top

Sep 2017 02

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Aug 2017 30

My writing job that pays the mortgage has me pretty busy this week, so for now, useless tidbit writing!

I was looking for an interesting, out of the ordinary word on Google and this came up.

Did you know the word ‘ogdoad’ means a group of eight?


So when you see a bunch of geese instead of saying ‘gaggle’, you can count and possibly say they are ‘ogdoad’.

Tell Alex Trebek I said ‘hello’ when you win that Final Jeopardy question cause of this.



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