W+K Goodness
May 2012 02

Some of the most creative people I’ve met in advertising are the ragtag bunch that work in the studio. Don’t think they’re just a bunch of chimps obeying your demands for moving the logo over a ‘nano-smidgen’ in the layout. They’re creative in their own right, and they also remember the way you treat them…

The studio at Wieden & Kennedy Portland puts out their own merchandise under the name Goodness. Here’s a sample of their talents with their Mother’s Day card, available for purchase at their website.

Apr 2012 30

I’m looking forward to Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s prequel to 1981’s Alien. One, because I’m a geek and two, because I like what Sir Ridley is doing these days (Life in a Day was a brilliant YouTube experiment). For those of you who haven’t seen Alien, stop reading this, go immediately to a large-screen TV and watch it. It’s that good and holds up really well despite the 30 year age. It made Sigourney Weaver a star (SEE: origin of chick walking around alone in underwear horror genre) and it took Spielberg’s E.T. to make people feel good about aliens again. Horror, suspense, Sci-Fi, corporate greed, cats and the best choking at the dinner table scene of all time.

Anyhow, as part of the marketing for the soon-to-be-released film, Ridley Scott is releasing some short films to set up the story. This one is a B2B commercial explaining the merits of Weyland Industries new Android, known as ‘David’, played creepily by Michael Fassbender.

Yah, I think he’s gonna kill everyone.


Apr 2012 26

IKEA enters into the over-saturated market of electronics-and-furniture-all-in-one-pieces.

Actually, I guess they’re the first.



Time Sheet Amazingness
Apr 2012 24

I hated doing my timesheets. Luckily at Zig they spared us from this stuff. But at every other agency I ever worked at, it was an ongoing challenge for me, and the entire department, to get them in on time. One agency even threatened to withhold people’s paycheques if they didn’t get them in.

So this… this is just brilliant. JWT Brazil, you have built a better mousetrap. To my (former) OCADU students, this is what I mean by thinking about the problem (no one is doing their timesheets) and then selling, rather than telling (sell the reward rather than describe the problem).




Apr 2012 20

One of my pet peeves when riding a bike (and believe me, I have many as I proudly take the ‘crankiest rider’ title) is that electric scooters can’t decide if they are bikes or cars. Some riders are in traffic like cars. And others are in the bike lane. They’re really hard to hear when they’re coming up behind you. Domino’s in the Netherlands must’ve felt the same way. They gave their electric delivery scooters an artificial ‘motor’ sound.

But it’s more than just the sound of the engine. Love this.