Jun 2014 06

Hi. To those eight people that stop in here once in awhile and wonder “What is Andrew up to? What is his plan now that he has left UNION after just three months?”, here is an update.

Although I have considered re-activating Fuji Tamale Inc. as a Freelance Copywriting service and making myself available to whatever advertising agency or client might come calling this summer, something happened this week. And it’s a game changer.

As you will see below, it seems that fortune has smiled upon me and, well, I guess I won’t need to be offering my 18 years of experience at Copywriting, Creative Directing, winning awards, creating a fun work environment, and affecting clients’ business in a positive way, ever again.

I will think of you from the lovely climes of Monrovia.


Apr 2014 02

Denmark has their lowest birthrate in 27 years. And 10 percent of all children conceived were on a holiday.

So this idea was born. Conceive on a holiday and you get a free holiday later. Smart. The Danish people aren’t unattractive — they should be having sex all the time, in my opinion.

Mar 2014 20


If you are one of the students I saw last night at the ADCC Portfolio Review, hello. And thanks for creeping me.

Keep at the writing. Some of you had really good books. And some of you didn’t. But most of us didn’t at this time during my Humber Copywriting year either. So don’t worry. Just keep plugging away. Examine some award-winning print campaigns. Think about ‘Why does this product exist?’ and ‘What need does it fulfill?’.

Keep at it.



Mar 2014 17

While it’s still St. Patrick’s Day (for a few more minutes anyhow), I’ll wax on about one of my favourite beer campaigns of all time. Actually, it may be one my favourite ad campaigns of all time. Guinness. And the brilliant tagline, ‘Good Things Come to Those Who Wait’. Until I was a Guinness drinker, I never really understood the tagline. It takes about two minutes to pour a perfect Guinness. I think because it has to be done in a few steps. And when you order one, if it’s done right, you’ll see your pint glass sitting under the spigot half full and left by the bartender for a bit before finishing topping it off just to make sure it settles properly. Sometimes they go off and serve another patron while your pint glass just rests there. It can seem like eternity.

So Guinness turned something unique to their brand (and perhaps a detriment to it) into a brilliant thought. You have to wait. And you have to be patient. But it’s worth it.

There are some absolutely brilliant interpretations of this. From the Grand Prix award-winning ‘noitulovE’, featuring Sammy Davis Jr. and ‘Surfer’ (killer copy that I think every writer I’ve known always dreamed of penning), and ‘Swimmer’.

But for me, for some reason, the one I’ve always loved the most has been ‘Snail Race’. It’s just full of joy for life and beautifully shot. Who ever imagined an ad for Ireland’s stout would seem so right to take place in Cuba?

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

How patient

are you?

Top Gun, one tweet at a time
Feb 2014 28

It made no sense. It was going to take over six months to complete. There was absolutely no point. And that’s what made it brilliant.

It’s also been shut down by lawyers – making it even more destined to be remembered by being, ironically, erased.

I’m talking about one person’s (@555uhz) mission to show the entire movie ‘Top Gun’ on Twitter – one frame at a time. At 30 frames a second, and a running time of 110 minutes, well that’s a lot of tweets. But Paramount lawyers just stepped in and shut it down, citing that the movie cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed without permission.

Is this really a ‘broadcast’?

And why did Goose not clear the cockpit canopy upon ejection? He just loved flying with Maverick, dammit.