Nov 2018 20

My work with Mastermind Toys continues.

‘A Week of Fridays (Monday Offer)’ :30



First off, I’ll say that I’m lucky to continue doing projects with this client. They’re a lot of fun to write for, and I believe in the power of play for kids. We worked together on a whole holiday radio campaign, but since they’ll be rolled out one at a time between now and 2019, I’ll only share the first one for Black Friday that already ran yesterday.

Just a fun retail spot. Don’t think too hard about it. We’re selling toys, people.

In addition to having a lot of fun, I like that I get to be a Copywriter and eventually the Audio Director on the day of recording. It’s a real challenge to join together skills I’ve learned on two sides of this industry – and also nerve-wracking to know I have no one to blame if the writing or directing sucks. Thankfully, I’m a control freak.

Okay, so some behind-the-scenes production notes for any budding Copywriters and/or Audio Directors (both possibly dying industries?)…

When I wrote this one, I was nervous about attempting it. I almost talked the clients out of it myself in favour of something a bit simpler. Kids are unpredictable in the studio. You never know how far they can push it as actors. And if they’re having a bad day (or I say something dumb to send the energy off in a bad direction), then you’re in trouble to try to get a performance, or even rework the script.

To complicate matters more I decided to recommend casting two kids that didn’t even audition. Flying without a net, for sure. But… these two kids were fantastic. It turns out they really were brother and sister (a complete coincidence), and we did a lot of fun shouting and screaming in the studio to get us to a place where I thought they sounded convincing. The girl was 5 years old. Her first radio spot, and I’m surprised I didn’t freak her off acting for life with my enthusiasm. I hollered first and acted like a complete goof just to show them it was totally cool and no one was going to give them shit for it. It’s our job. Yell your heads off. We’re even getting paid to do it.

Great cast. Fun day. And thanks to Mastermind Toys for allowing me to showcase our work – which they retain the rights to, of course. : )

Copywriter: Andrew Bradley
Audio Production: TA2 Sound & Music (Dave Clarke)
Audio Director: Andrew Bradley
Client: Mastermind Toys
Music: TA2 Sound & Music (original)
Exec Producer: Dana Gadsden

Produced November 2018


Nov 2018 15


I know what I do. I sell stuff to people through advertising. And sometimes I try to pull on their heartstrings to do it. When I watch ads, I know too much. I’m very aware of the ways advertisers try to affect me. But every year, despite this, the John Lewis Christmas ad gets to me. All my cynicism of being in advertising, and being a human on this planet at this time, at the age I am, just melts away.

Am I a huge Elton John fan? Not really. Major respect though. But recently one night in downtown Toronto, I was caught in a river of people as they streamed up Bay Street after leaving his concert at the Scotiabank Centre. And the energy they gave off into the early autumn night and how I was swept away into it, made me forever appreciative.



Creative Agency:adam&eveDDB

Art Director:Ant Nelson

Chief Creative Officer:Richard Brim

Nov 2018 15


Watching someone on the TTC as they check their phone, beam rays of joy, and text someone back, almost makes the morning commute worth it. Almost.



Sep 2018 10

More of this…


And less of the below, please. Even if the final statement is a worthy cause.

You don’t have to be the best in the world to be your own best.

You don’t have to be famous to have self respect.

You don’t have to wear a certain brand to show you stand for or against something in this world.

Shoes. They’re not a political statement. They’re for sports.



Jul 2018 05

It has returned. Got an email from an industry friend informing me that ‘IKEA – Start the Car!’ is back on the air. My one-hit wonder. My ‘Barbie Girl’, ‘Mambo #5’. Like Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’.

I know I should be proud and happy that a spot I wrote is still effective, brings happiness to people, and has entered the pop-culture vernacular, but it’s always strange when it comes back.

So, for anyone stopping in here because they Googled the spot (you need to get out more, but who knows), here’s a tidbit about the spot:

As the writer, no, I do not get paid residuals every time it runs. That’s not the way it works in advertising. Which is too bad, cause it has run in so many countries and those USA residuals would add up to serious ka-ching. The director, film editor, set designer, etc don’t get paid again either. But you know who does? The actors and musicians. Yes, whoever played the Glockenspiel on the music track gets paid. How cool is that?

We tried many original music tracks on that spot before we hit the right tone. Nothing was quite working great and then I had a weird thought … Could we try something in the same vein as the old Star Trek ‘Captain Kirk’ fight music theme? It seemed to have the right zany, campy, anxiety-filled energy to it and so the music house (RMW) gave it a go.

The right cast. The right performances. And the right music. It may never happen again in my career, but it’s fun to see it come back every once in awhile. Like a rash that’s oddly satisfying to scratch.


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