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Sep 2019 08

“With great power comes no responsibility.”

_ Tristan Harris, on our current age of social media and asymmetric relationships




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Have you ever listened to your gut?

Taken a wild guess, had an inkling, or ‘taken a flyer’ as they say?

Have you followed a hunch?

I’ve done it with ordering a lunch special, or matching a top to a pair of pants without the aid of a full-length mirror, or maybe attempting a shortcut to get somewhere (dead-end, usually).

But imagine doing it to save a life.

Once again, my father seems to have dodged death for the time being thanks to … a hunch.

“I wonder… if the blood thinners we put your father on after the heart attack he had earlier this year are interacting with one of the other drugs for his pneumonia last month and COPD (I know, right) and he is hemorraging into one his lungs and that’s why he feels like he’s suffocating lately. Long shot, but we looked at everything else.”

My father has been in the hospital for over a week, and on oxygen with severe shortness of breath (that’s why I’ve been a bigger asshole than usual, everyone) and the doctors have been totally stumped as he just got worse every day.

That is until the above was shared with me on the phone a few days ago.

So, following that hunch, today they planned to shove a tube down his throat and into his lungs, shoot a bunch of liquid into those lungs, suck it back out like a turkey baster, and then send the liquid recovered for analysis.

If he didn’t die during attempting that, that is. Yah. Small danger he could have a cardiac arrest, choke, or ‘drown’ during the procedure because of his multiple health problems. Sigh. So he had a choice. Slowly suffocate or roll the dice.

“Meh. I’ll go for it” he said.

Goddamn crazy nonagenarian.

He lived through it.

The hunch was right.

Bleeding in his lungs.

They’re plotting a course of recovery for him.


I continue to be amazed at how my father stays one step ahead of the reaper. Why he is not dead? I don’t know. There’s got to be a bigger reason than just giving me something to write about.

Follow your hunches, people.

Also, medicine is pretty fucking crazy in the 21st Century. We’ve come a long way from leeches.











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