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Thank god for dogs. Where would we be without them right now? They see the good in all of us.

Except skateboarders.


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Jun 2020 05

Once again, in an effort for transparency and uniformity of message, I am reposting something from one of my other platforms. This is an open letter that I pecked out today on LinkedIn to my Toronto Freelance Creative Community. 


Hello again, freelance ad peoples.

After the modest attention my post from last week gathered, I’ve had stage fright about what to say. If anything.
Drivel is so dangerous right now, isn’t it?

However, comforting to know I’m not alone. The feeling resonates.

Strange, fascinating, and scary times we are living in. Who else is a fan of fetal position some days?

Keeping LinkedIn to business, been thinking about my choices as someone who makes their living using word-putting-togethering skills on a ‘for-hire’ basis.

Some choices are obvious. Like, if I get asked to write ads for ‘The White is Right Bank’ or a social media campaign for ‘The Police State and You – BFFs!’, I know what to do.

But not that easy, is it?

Sometimes it’s tough to know the true social values of a company. And what can my conscience afford in the grey areas?

Mortgages. Rent. Food. Healthcare. Clothing. Children. Pets. All this stuff takes money. How can we take care of ourselves, and the greater good?

Especially when most of us are just hoping for work right now.

But can we help create a better system?

Just thinking. Like last week, acknowledge I’m lucky enough to have the time and CERB to reflect.

Ideas can change the world. Don’t forget, we’re all damn good at having them.

Thanks again.




Jun 2020 04

Posted this on Facebook this morning. And in the interest of transparency, posting it here. I am sincerely curious and post this as an open letter.

As a half-Japanese and half-Belizean Canadian with a very WASP name who has benefited from a lot of white privilege, I weigh into this discussion wanting to learn.

I am wondering if a lot of people (myself included) are missing the discussion around the Police and their unfair treatment of people of colour. Not just in America. But here, too.

Certainly increased / fair opportunity for everyone is a discussion to have. But we have had that discussion for a long time, and yes, we must continue those efforts (I am thinking of our treatment of our own Indigenous population for example). My first partner in advertising joked we only got our jobs “Because of Equity 2000, Andrew”.

But are there other questions to ask here …?

Like – How do we end the unfair treatment of people of colour by Law Enforcement? And is there a possibly increased militarization of the Police happening that we are paying for (read some stat that said 25% of our Toronto tax money goes towards LE)? And is it necessary? Do the Police care what job you have, what income you have, or what postal code you live in when they approach you and process the colour of your skin?

These are not issues that should just concern the communities out demonstrating right now. These are things that affect us all.

‘FTP’ and ‘ACAB’ and ‘Defund the Police’ seem like a focused cry and even if you do not agree, should we look at the roots of their origins?

I am wondering if we are missing the discussion.






Jun 2020 02

I like this one, and what they’re all about. You might want to $upport something else and that’s cool. Link through their IG account tag & bio (high traffic today, which is a good sign). They take donations. _#Toronto

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NOTE: My opinion on the ‘BlackoutTuesday’ social media rage may be polarizing. I think it’s slacktivism at its’ finest. If you have the means, you have to do something. Donate. Speak up. I dunno. But just changing your avatar/profile does nothing more than making you feel like you are helping in some way. Advertising people – you can do more than this. You have the financial means, and certainly are more creative.

And on Instagram, if all you are seeing is black square after square, well… it means you are in an echo chamber and don’t follow enough diverse voices. I realize this is true for me today. So, in that sense, it has accomplished something inadvertently I suppose.



Jun 2020 01


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I remember the first time I really thought about inequality and how people are viewed or treated differently because of their background. Discrimination and Racism, really. But I didn’t call it either of those things. Racism was the stuff in textbooks from the American Civil War, or on some TV Afterschool Special. It wasn’t ‘here’.

I know the exact moment, though.

Amazingly, it wasn’t until I was in Grade 6. Which meant I was around 11 years old.

I grew up in Rexdale, a suburb northwest of Toronto that was and still is a mish-mash of new Canadians and cultures and skin tones. We were all just thrown in together, and for a long time I was happily naïve about anyone being different. Being ‘white’ was definitely the minority. So since we were all ‘different’, none of us were, y’know?

School. Physical Education Health Class. Grade 6.

Our teacher was talking about, and I kid you not, why black athletes were faster than white athletes.

And he asked the class for our opinions on why.

One classmate who was black (I do remember his name), put up his hand.

TEACHER: Yes. Why do you think that is?

KID: Because we practice running from the cops, sir.

CLASS: (hilarious laughter from all of us, across skin tones and backgrounds and deliverer of line looked at all of us and smiled with perfect comic timing, proud he had landed this joke)

TEACHER: Leave this class right now and report to the Office.

I went home thinking this guy was hilarious, but with my first revealing of how he was being programmed and how we were all being programmed. I had to have a good think.

Was this true? Was he being chased by the Police just for being black? Is this what happens?

What was going on here?

What didn’t I know?

Sadly, a lot.





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