Apr 2018 03

A woman wearing a cowboy hat on my 504 streetcar is playing music on her speakerphone that sounds like the end credits of ‘Mario Kart’ when you finish the game. 
I feel tremendously confident and victorious, ready to face the day. 

Mar 2018 30

I’m not religious, but the thought of executing someone that could turn water into wine really does depress me. 

Mar 2018 23


So far in 2018, my life has been one endless moment of anxiety wondering when I will again be near a plug so I can charge my various devices.



Mar 2018 17

I will give over my timeline today to the Irish Troubadour, Van Morrison. The lyrics to this one slay me.

And I will stroll the merry way

and jump the hedges first

And I will drink the clear

clean water for to quench my thirst

And I shall watch the ferry-boats

and they’ll get high

On a bluer ocean

against tomorrow’s sky

And I will never grow so old again

And I will walk and talk

in gardens all wet with rain

Oh sweet thing, sweet thing

My sweet thing

And I shall drive my chariot

down your streets and cry

‘Hey, it’s me, I’m dynamite

and I don’t know why’

And you shall take me strongly

in your arms again

And I will not remember

that I even felt the pain.


We shall walk and talk

in gardens all misty and wet with rain

And I will never, never, never

grow so old again.
Oh sweet thing, sweet thing

My sweet thing

And I will raise my hand up

into the night time sky

And count the stars

that’s shining in your eye

Just to dig it all an’ not to wonder

That’s just fine

And I’ll be satisfied

not to read in between the lines


And I will walk and talk

in gardens all wet with rain

And I will never, ever, ever, ever

grow so old again.

Oh sweet thing, sweet thing

Sugar-baby with your champagne eyes

and your saint-like smile….

Mar 2018 13

If you know me, you’ll know I’m fascinated by Canadian Politics. I’m not an expert on the history of each political party or their accomplishments when in power, but I am very interested in where each candidate for the upcoming Provincial Election wants to steer Ontario.

So expect a few posts between now and the election.

Full disclosure, I usually vote NDP or Liberal. I’ve been known to go Green as well.



In the interest of fair coverage, here’s Doug Ford on CBC Metro Morning today. In his 10 minute audio interview he covers…

• PCs are absolutely still ‘Progresive’ under him
• Against elitists (described as people who think they’re smarter and better who ‘drink their little bottles of champagne with their pinkies in the air’), whom he admits exist in all three major parties
• His concern for Ontario’s $300 billion debt
• Carbon Tax, he’s against it, says it puts Ontario at a disadvantage – but doesn’t say he’s a climate change denier
• Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum which he wants changed and so does every community he’s visited, says teachers and parents weren’t properly consulted

Host David Common pressed Mr. Ford for his solutions to the above or his platform, but, as Doug Ford says, it’s only been 48 hours.

However, it will be interesting to hear if he brings anything forward rather than just being against everything as his platform.