‘Ad Agony’ inadvertantly teaches principles of good advertising with anti-advertising messages
Mar 2012 27

Toronto commuters woke up to find their favourite ‘Quaker’, ‘Selloff Vacations’ and ‘Boom 97.3’ ads had been hijacked and replaced. The new message? ‘Advertising is bad’. ‘War is Over’ it ain’t, but the group known as ‘Ad Agony’ seem to know the fundamentals of what makes a good ad. Oh, the delicious irony. In any case, it was a decent stunt. And hopefully it accomplished what they wanted. I mean, here I am writing about it, right?

The whole series of ads can be found on their website.


PROS: I thought the campaign had some very good things going for it. The executions were a) eye-catching, b) followed a single-minded brief, c) well-written and pithy, and d) had nice design and layout (hand-painted it seems, no less!).

CONS: Extra points for tactics, but the message while delivered in a compelling way, was basically what ‘Concerned Children’s Advertisers’ have been saying for years: Think for yourself. Seemed a bit weak given the argument and guerilla tactics. I think today’s digital landscape gives people a lot more channels to call bullshit on a particular company — and directly to the company. People are a lot more message savvy than this campaign gives them credit for and the digital age has caused companies to become a lot more transparent about their dealings and messages. Bottom line is that the consumer is actually pretty powerful already and I think a ‘protest’ has to go past these obvious messages. Besides, some corporations are way more evil than advertising…


I tried to find out who ‘Ad Agony’ is… alas, their website was registered using an anonymous registration on February 1oth. I respect that.

For their sake, I hope they remain anonymous. It would be depressing to hear that the people behind these ads are what I suspect they are — people who work in advertising (or more likely, students) who have suddenly grown a conscience. If so, couldn’t you just do some pro bono work? — You can change the world that way too, y’know.

Oh, and the logo could’ve been bigger.

PHOTOS: courtesy of BlogTo.com

Mar 2012 17

On a day where everyone’s Irish, this Japanese-Belizean-Irish wishes you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Here’s some neat work from Guinness about their most important day o’ the year.

Mar 2012 14

I’m not sure what our own Toronto Blue Jays are going to be doing this year on TV. I mean, other than clobbering every Major League baseball team of course. What I mean is their advertising… will it be a continuation of last year’s serious “Hustle & Heart”? Or maybe something a little more light-hearted. Just please, no more Blue Jays in the marketing boardroom stuff. That was horrid. My bet is the serious stuff — Toronto Sports Fans need a winner. Badly. And if the team doesn’t take itself seriously, how can we?

On the flipside, here are some fun spots from Seattle. The Mariners aren’t expected to be very good (although they have some stars, both present-day and future) so maybe the humour approach is what will bring people out to the ballpark. In any case, only three weeks til Opening Day.

“Nobody’s Perfect” :30

“Mickey Loves You” :30

“Impressions” :30

Doug Ford reaches low Earth orbit while showing off renowned kick boxing move
Mar 2012 12

Fuji Tamale News, Toronto

“It was breathtaking,” said one witness about watching the Toronto City Councillor power himself into the sky. “Like watching the space shuttle,” said another.

Stunning everyone other than his brother Mayor Rob Ford, Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford launched himself into low Earth orbit on Sunday afternoon using a powerful spin kick move. The impressive display took place on the roof of the CFRB building at 2 St. Clair West, where the Ford brothers had just finished their weekly radio show. During the broadcast Doug had recounted an altercation with a Toronto bike courier, claiming he could “kick his ass in about ten seconds” due to the fact that he has been a kick boxer for about 10 years.

Eager to prove his on-air claim, Doug Ford gathered the CFRB staff on the roof. The Councillor then cautioned everyone to stand back, after which he proceeded to execute a spin kick move so powerful that he launched himself, helicopter-style, into the air.

The small crowd claims he disappeared into the sky at approximately 3:35 pm EST.



Budweiser brewed for Winnipeg
Mar 2012 07

Okay Rethink and Molson Canadian, you need to step it up. You’re getting embarrassed out there by Anomaly and Budweiser.


First it was the Budweiser Superbowl Spot celebrating rec league hockey. And now this. Budweiser brewed from water blessed by Winnipeg Jets fans to honour the return of the team.

These are ideas that make Canadians and hockey fans proud. And it’s too bad it’s an American beer that’s behind it.

I believe in the minds at Rethink, but c’mon Canadian. We’re rooting for you…